Reorganizing Health Care Is Not Socialized Medicine – It’s Inevitable

You see, the global enterprises and endeavors of companies such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology companies, certain medical professions, those in positions of power paid for by global entities, and a multitude of other corporate greed driven systems for health care services are pushing this nation into something that could have been avoided. Through their greed, their ignorance of societies basic needs, and of the natural human degenerative process; the winds of change can be heard. They watch quantitative numbers that represent people’s lives and profits but, the subjective and qualitative economic burdens placed on persons lives are ignored.

They adamantly display arrogance and social psychological deception, through the utilization of our own patriotism, nationalism and Americanism. We must do what the rest of the world has done! Not to globalize, but to survive (with our own unique system that’s better). Regardless, if you think tampering with today’s medical system is wise, will work, or will be profitable for some and not for most is irrelevant…it must be done. We have no choice….it is a matter of survival… our families survival, our economic, our physical, our psychological, our emotional, our political and our Nations survival….we must reorganize medicine. They have given no choice…they still do not hear our voices; “the price is still too high” in comparison to our income, in comparison to inflation, our standards of living (which is being taken away by global trade policies and other systems of greed and corruption) and our abilities to provide! Simply stated, health care is simply unreasonably priced based upon our depleting resources. It’s a catch twenty two – and something must and will be done; it’s a natural reaction to survival.

Americans are the hardest working people on the planet with the fastest decreases in their standard of living in the history of industrialization. In comparison to the access to medical technology and expensive health care, we may at times think we have better access to technology and treatment, but birth mortality rates, treatments for certain diseases and life expectancy currently for Americans places us at the bottom of the global list. Simply put, our health care system compared to other countries does not measure up for what we are paying for! You probably will not live as long as a European; and their health care is free! You won’t live as long because you are too busy working, stressed out, depressed and ignored in order to pay outrageous health care cost for yourself, your family or illegal aliens… this will ultimately lead to the demise of your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Middle class and lower class stratified Americans are getting the shaft for the most part, and many are tired of it! You see it in the voting reports, you see it in their political participation, you see it in the way they have isolated themselves within their communities…it’s obvious, Americans are doing whatever it takes to survive and this is destroying what America has always meant to Americans and to the world. America has always been about hope, opportunity, to own something, to take pride in something and the ability to maintain a decent quality of life for ones self and their families. To know that your family will be covered if there is an accident “beyond your control” and to have security that if something does happen you will not have to claim bankruptcy and go into economic distress in order to pay the bills (creating larger barriers).

This is why America is great – because this life in America is supposed to have some major benefits compared to the rest of the world…. it is supposed to have some adequate level of security. Without covering ones basic needs…security does not exist. When one goes to college (does as society expects), works two jobs and still cannot afford health care, or the occupation they work does not cover health care expenses, or the person works for twelve dollars an hour but has to pay for two thirds of his health care leaving him really with eight dollars an hour, unable to spend time with his family because he has to work two jobs to simply survive (why are families crumbling…mmm?) … where is this person’s security, opportunity, hope and motivation to make America great?

A person’s occupation is their identity and may be due to geography, sociology, genealogy or psychological reasons – not simply choice (I wish it were that easy). Only so many technology jobs exist, only so many nursing jobs exist, only so many jobs support a decent quality of life even for the educated and uneducated…what happens when all the good paying, good benefit jobs are taken (I mean good – in that they support a families needs and future)? Others have to work the rest of the jobs in America, and if those jobs represent no security, no benefits, no future for marriage or family…then Americas leaders are telling us loud and clear…most of America does not matter, America’s families do not matter, most of America can suffer, most of America can live insecure, inconsistent and unstable lives. Most of America is not America at all… but something else that is less valuable than we….the elites.

Read Carefully Fellow Leaders – Hear Your Message

If adults in a family quit providing the processes or opportunities for family members to secure their basic needs, how long do you think that family would stay together? It is a simple sociological fact…they would not stay together but dissolve into stagnation. If the children would not be taken care of when sick, when incapacitated, when hungry…would this not be neglect according to our own state law? Is our government committing sociological neglect due to the ignoring and purposeful inaction upon making sure that social members can secure affordable health care (a basic need) for their family? Are they not as a neglecting parent choosing pleasurable activities (profits) over taking care of the future generations of America? You decide. I feel that they are indirectly neglecting the needs of a society and this neglect will be the demise of the American way of life. If our own leaders care not of America – then why should common citizens? Who better to begin anarchy than the leaders themselves? You decide. The natural processes will not be denied. Americans are living, breathing beings with wonderful potential…and neglecting their needs will only bring turmoil.

To not assist a societies members as a government, as a groups leaders with such pressing needs to make a basic need affordable for all, is to say……….work, work, work, toil, toil, toil, compete, compete, compete, perform, perform, perform, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, give up marriage, work two jobs and give up your family, contradict everything you have ever been raised to comply, and when you break down (which you will – its biological and inevitable), when your children need their fathers and mothers at home, when the ones you care about break down, when your so stressed and over whelmed, when your working, working, working and can barely meet your basic needs, when you need counseling or mental health consultation due to psycho individualistic reactions (anxiety / depression) due to the socio environmental impacts (social and economic stress)…we don’t care…go into bankruptcy paying for your basic needs (creating more barriers for those who already suffer), may you beg for the money in time to make sure your son gets the bone marrow transplant before he dies…because even knowing you were a cooperative social member, even knowing you follow all the rules, even knowing you did what society expected…your not worth keeping in society, your not worth being healthy, your not worth it to our America to make sure your life is secure enough to compete. You are not a worthy American.

This message to real Americans from our so called leaders and globalist angers everyone I know – and many are reading between the lines.

Was America not founded on competition? And our own leaders deny us the consistency and security to meet our basic needs so we can compete? Fools! No wonder mental health clinics are full of people needing pharmaceutical prescriptions and in need of someone to speak with regarding their anguish and psychic pain; all the while they are fighting with the insurance company to cover their therapy and cannot even afford their Prozac and Zanex…how outrageous and disgusting these global corporation and the leaders they own in Congress have become!

Nearly every industrialized nation on earth either has a medical system that is free to members of society or at least subjectively affordable. I propose a system in which does not deny any advancement of technology to any American – regardless of class or creed. We should all pay a percentage based upon our social position; this is the only equitable and nature sustaining solution.

Friends, let me be frank with you (as if I have been withholding – lol). Global companies and corrupt leaders are using Americans, manipulating Americans and profiting from Americans bad circumstances and basic needs within one of the last industrialized systems that allows them and gives them the freedom to do so. The rest of the world has wised up to these processes.

These evil greed driven systems see you as a quantitative number. You are not one with real regard, emotions or life. They ignore qualitative data (what your real emotion, circumstances and needs are)…unless it relates to how they can persuade you into choosing them as your provider or leader. These persons, leaders and systems for which I speak have no real need to be loyal, to worry about your sons and daughters or your future for that matter. They know that they will just give their own family a job at their multi-billion dollar company or through the good old boy system for which to help out anyone of their emotionally laden relationships…they have no insecurity of loss, no national loyalty, they are globalist and they have no compassion or humility.

So clearly, if they do not care for anyone but themselves…they do not really care for America. They are not Americans. They are not simply rich people either – this is not a rich bashing session – far from it. There are many great and wonderful wealthy Americans and more power to them. These evil doers are the ones destroying and denying America by neglecting her basic needs, a decent quality of life and a secure future to be healthy. They are denying Americans what Americans and even our beloved veterans believe they are working for, suffering for and dying for. They utilize terms like “socialized medicine” to scare the common American away from thinking that any type of reorganizing of the current medical system is communistic, socialistic and will destroy America as we know it!

Well, let me say that the current system, and the players who are clearly benefiting have no regard, no understanding, no plan or purpose in changing – and they my friends are paying politicians plenty and making billions on your degenerating bodies.

What could be more of a persuasion to change a system than that?

I ask you fools ruining America! How long do you think it will be before Americans figure out that the dream has become a night mare, and that hope has become strife? That you care not of their lives or family and that change is long over due?

Trust me, I tell you the truth…it won’t be long.

Americans are much smarter than you give them credit for; they simply have immense patients and want to believe the good in others. But, when they finally smell that rat stealing their cheese… well lets just say this…Americans always have a way of getting things done…bringing change…for that I am hopeful.

And done you will be.


A real American.

L.J. Riley Jr. is a Michigan native, a graduate of Davison High School, a graduate of the U.S. Army Combat Infantry School, Bradley Fighting Vehicle School and Dragon Missle School. L.J. or John Riley is a combat veteran and served in Oper. Desert Shield / Storm. He left the military and enrolled at Mott Community College, graduating with Phi Theta Kappa and pursuing a BSW at the University of Michigan Flint where he won the “Maize and Blue” Scholar Award. L.J. then was accepted to the one year Masters program at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor MSW Program for clinical social work. He graduated in 2007 with a 4.0 and the acceptance of the Howard and Judith Simms Fellowship. L.J. loves people, loves helping people and seeks to change lives directly and in-directly through his writing.

Laverne John Riley Jr.

Drug Detox and Rehab Alone Will Not Handle the Prescription Drug Problem

If one were to create a list of the prescription drugs most likely to cause addiction and dependency, OxyContin, morphine, and methadone would be right at the top. In fact, these drugs are also among those responsible for the alarming increase in ‘accidental poisoning deaths’ – 20,950 in 2004, up from 12,186 in 1999, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and there’s no sign it letting up. Drug detox and drug rehab centers are also seeing an increasing number of people seeking help to get off these drugs. Why, then, did the DEA, on December 19th, relax the prescribing rules for these and other dangerous drugs?

On September 6, 2006, the DEA proposed to amend the regulation on prescribing Schedule II drugs – doctors used to be limited to giving 30-day prescriptions and these are now extended to 90 days. The ruling was motivated by over 600 comments from “physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and advocates for pain treatment,” according to the DEA press release of the same date. DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy said the proposed ruling “reiterates the DEA’s commitment to striking the proper balance to ensure that people who need pain relief get it, and those who abuse it, don’t.”

The DEA press release also included information about these drugs and said that prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic that requires everyone’s vigilance. Here are the statistics they presented.

* Nearly 1 in 10 high school seniors admits to abusing powerful prescription painkillers.

* Today, more new drug users have begun abusing pain relievers (2.4 million) than marijuana (2.1 million) or cocaine (1.0 million).

* 6 million Americans are currently abusing controlled substance prescription drugs – that is more than the number abusing cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, and inhalants, combined.

* Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that opioid prescription painkillers now cause more drug overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined.

* Admissions to treatment (whether it was for drug detox, drug rehab or some other type of treatment was not specified) for prescription opiates swelled by a third in just two years (from 46,972 in 2002 to 63,243 in 2004).

September 6, 2006 also marked the beginning of the 60-day public comment period during which any member of the public is invited to support the ruling, protest it, and so on. Comments were made and reviewed, and the proposed ruling became final on December 19, 2007.

How, in light of the devastation caused by these drugs, could such a ruling ever have passed?

The answer lies in the public comments – not in the comments themselves, but in the number of comments that actually reached the DEA. According to the DEA release about the final ruling, there were 264 comments. That’s right, 264: Less than 1.3 percent of the number of people who died from ‘accidental poisoning deaths’ caused by prescription drugs in 2004 alone. And an infinitesimal percentage of those who have sought drug detox or rehab for themselves, a friend of a family member.

Why didn’t the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters and friends of those who died from ‘accidental poisoning deaths’ speak up? Why didn’t the DEA hear from the 63,243 people who sought drug detox and rehab for prescription drug addiction and abuse in 2004? Why didn’t the DEA hear from the millions of people whose lives are negatively affected by prescription drug addiction and abuse?

I would bet that the underlying reason is simply that they didn’t know about it. The DEA advised vigilance, advice heeded by far too few, but now that the ruling has been finalized, individuals and groups are coming out of the woodwork to protest it and get it rescinded.

Lesson learned? With drug addiction and abuse, as with most other things in life, you can’t just sit back and wait, or hope that someone else will do the right thing. While getting someone into a drug detox program and rehab is vital, staying abreast of situations like the proposed DEA ruling and taking action is your only hope of real control. When opportunity knocks – open the door for crying out loud.

Gloria is a freelance writer who contributes articles on health

Made in China – Cheap and Deadly

If it wasn’t for the paper place-mat at my favorite Chinese Restaurant and the recall of almost 20 million items made in China I would never have known that 2007 was the year of the pig. The American middle class is more dependent on cheap Chinese made products than we are on Saudi oil. During this holiday season Americans will help fatten the wallets of companies like Mattel who was forced to recall almost 20 million items made in China in 2007 because of lead paint on toy cars and tiny magnets that could be deadly if swallowed. Lead paint was also found in 844,000 Barbie accessories and toys with the Sesame Street brand. Barbie? Sesame Street? Is anything sacred? These toys are American institutions. Watching your 2 year old suck on the neck of a decapitated Barbie is every Americans right. You think Oscar is grouchy now?

As if poisoning our kids wasn’t enough China also went after our pets. Pet food makers recalled more than 60 million cans of dog food made in China laced with tainted melamine in wheat gluten. Now I know that in China dogs are a mans best food but people in the humane world cherish their dogs and cats. The pet food scandal has prompted many Americans to actually read the labels of what they are feeding their pets. Organic pet food made in America has experienced a huge growth in sales. Hopefully some day packs of wild dogs will roam the empty streets of Beijing.

Besides killing our pets and young children China also wants to help our teenagers to look better and feel better by supplying them with steroids, human growth hormones, and other bodybuilding drugs. A huge underground distribution network was traced to 37 companies in China.

Nike recalled 235,000 football helmets because the chin cup has a defective strap and caused at least two concussions and a broken nose. Okay, now they’ve gone too far! Messing with football is almost like messing with baseball. Sure supplying baseball and football players with steroids is bad but sabotaging the equipment that protects the drug-addicted overpaid prima-donna professional athletes we idolize is stepping over the goal line. Who is going to endorse toothpaste made in China laced with ethylene glycol which is widely use as auto antifreeze? Who will be on Chinese-made lunch boxes containing lead that were given away by the California Department of Public Health to promote healthy eating habits among American children?

With pressure from the American government the Chinese government finally responded. On July 10, 2007 Zheng Xiaoyu, the former head of China’s State Food And Drug Administration was executed by shooting. Obviously something must have been lost in translation when President Bush told the Chinese premier that, “Something must be done” which was mistaken for “shoot him with a gun”. After his execution he was charged with taking bribes from various firms in exchange for state licenses related to product safety. He was found guilty and re-executed.

The trade agreement with China is grossly one sided. The United States is not producing goods outside of very few high tech areas and Americans continue to spend on cheaply made Chinese products.

Every time I look at the label of something that I have bought it always seems to be made in China. “Made in America” has almost become extinct. I recently called my congressman to complain but the call was outsourced to India. I got a nice guy named Davesh who was very sympathetic and referred to me as “Buddy”. Only in America. The phrase “Only in America” was made in China.

Richard Raciti

Top 10 Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz Would Make a Good World Bank President

by John Cavanagh

1. He would follow in the great tradition of World Bank president Robert McNamara, who also helped kill tens of thousands of people in a poor country most Americans couldn’t find on a map before getting the job.

2. It helps to be a good liar when you run an institution with employees who earn over $100,000 a year to pretend to help billions of people who live on less than $1 a day.

3. With all his experience helping U.S. companies grab Iraq ‘s oil profits, he’s got just the right experience for doling out lucrative World Bank contracts to U.S. businesses.

4. After predecessor James Wolfensohn blew millions of dollars on “consultations” with citizen groups to give the appearance of openness, Wolfowitz’s tough-guy style is just what’s needed to rid the World Bank of those irritating activists.

5. Unlike former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, another one of the four leading candidates, at least Wolfowitz hasn’t failed at running a Fortune 500 company.

6. Unlike the Treasury Department’s John Taylor, another leading candidate, at least Wolfowitz doesn’t want to get rid of the institution he would head.

7. While earning a University of Chicago Ph.D. , he was exposed to the tenets of market fundamentalism that have reigned at the World Bank for decades.

8. He has experience in constructing echo chambers where only the advice he wants to hear is spoken.

9. He knows some efficient private contractors who build echo chambers for only a few hundred billion dollars (cost plus, of course).

10. He can develop a pre-emptive poverty doctrine where the World Bank could invade countries that fail to make themselves safe for U.S. business, modeled on the U.S. pre-emptive war doctrine he helped craft.

John Cavanagh is the director of Institute for Policy Studies. For more information about contenders for the World Bank’s presidency, visit

Wars in Asia: War and Peace in Sri Lanka, the Chaos and Stumbling Blocks

The days have come in Indian Ocean’s war-torn island to realize the war is un-winnable after the decades long never ending war.

The world is not any more ready to watch both parties waging a war for just passing the time until a solution comes. The political leaders has started to realise that they can’t stay in power by encouraging some military high officials by uplifting their stars and colours and the ranks at the expense of some of the poor soldiers from the underprivileged families in the fields.

One factor is apparent that a country like Sri Lanka can’t wage a war continuously on economic grounds. And the other factor, communal thinkers can’t live in a fool’s paradise and recalling archaic stories which community came first to the Island, while the inter-marriages between the both communities from the pre-historic time have made a null and void in the ethnic-origin arguments and confusions.

They should realise we are living in an era where the transportation and telecommunication have changed the world into one village and globalisation is a reality. The UN is active though it met some failures in some incidents in some countries but it has reduced the fatality of those countries’ disasters and still the UN is a accepted global platform for discussing and solving much of the world problems in political, social, economic, judicial and other arenas and giving sense to a new world order.

The economy has gone bad to worse after the independence and the nation is facing a severe foreign deficit problem, which could not be overcome by the declining GDP. If things are not corrected at least at this stage, the country will have to go for interest-based heavy loans and then it will have to earn very hard for the interest too.

A country which is losing its competitive edge in its cash crops-tea and rubber, will go into more difficulties and the expectations of Sri Lanka as an IT hub of South Asian has already become a myth after the slow down in the US economy and the September 11 disaster and their direct impact on the investment – cut in the IT projects.

These situations have made the country to think other avenues for income generation and mainly an urgent cut in the defense spending. Sri Lanka is the highest military personnel employed vs. the population and a much-needed human resource is being wasted in the war zone from both sides.

Argentina realised an end to its civil war in high time and though it succeeded to an ultimate solution, it was too late to re-structure the country’s economy and they came out with various chaotic economic re-structuring models and faced the worst economic chaos ultimately.

In Sri Lanka we are also in the same situation more or less and if we couldn’t take any corrective action at least at this juncture, we will be in a position worse than Argentina.

The perception and interest beyond merely overcoming the economic chaos out of peace negotiations, but by the realization in mind that the minority Tamils also really having some problems and it cannot be achieved just by isolating the LTTE but by negotiating with them and a settlement through them towards the Tamil minority is still far away.

The leaders are lacking to take interest to win the hearts of the Tamils and the perception to ban the LTTE around the world will bring an end to the problem, resulted in other way around so far by more increasing sympathy towards LTTE and more funding through their front-organizations made the LTTE more capable of buying sophisticated arms in the world market and made them more a conventional army.

Though the earlier governments succeeded in banning the LTTE, to which extent that might have prompted the LTTE to consider negotiation with the governments is highly questionable.

They have opted a strategic move with hostile mentality for a good time to blow-up things for a fresh offensive than any sincere motive towards the governments. via

Troop Surge in Iraq will deepen Quagmire

It looks like President Bush is going to announce a “temporary increase” in the number of American troops serving in Iraq. The President is adding complexity to a series of wrong decisions he has made since the beginning of the invasion. It is difficult to imagine how a surge in American troops can fix a self-created problem?

We have made the same mistake that five star General Douglas MacArthur warned about with regard to Asia, “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” Presidents Kennedy and Johnson didn’t heed the advice, and the rest is history. Now once again, we have a President who has involved us voluntarily (the US was never attacked directly or indirectly by the evil Saddam Hussein) in a land war in an Arab country where suicide bombers are as common as a cup of coffee.

The basis of General MacArthur’s advice was that life is cheap in Asia. Our country will tire, and the public will to continue the effort will wane before the opposition will tire of losing lives. The same advice applies to the Middle East as it did to Asia. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and the Mullah’s Iran lost several hundred thousand men in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980’s, and neither felt the loss. The United States openly backed Saddam Hussein during the war, and prevented an Iranian victory by stepping in with arms and intelligence information.

Our President on the other hand continues to get very bad advice from the same people that initiated this effort. Let’s look at history to understand what’s going on. Saddam Hussein was a tyrant just like all the other tyrants in that section of the world. Goggle “Hama Massacre”, and you will see how the Syrian leadership killed tens of thousands of their own people in 1982. When the Mullahs took over Iran and deposed the Shah, perhaps several hundred thousand people died as a result.

The history of the entire region is one of violence, instability, anarchy, and uncertainty. In that simple sentence you will understand why our President’s desire to install a democracy in Iraq cannot work. Every country in the Middle East has an unstable regime ruling a society whose members have low tolerance for one another, and are inherently volatile. Even if our President were successful in forcing our democratic principles on the people of Iraq, the whole system would of necessity fall apart in a matter of months to a year or two, as a new equilibrium would be formed among the warring factions.

This is not George Bush’s fault. He has simply allowed himself to be misguided as to the reality of the day to day situation in Iraq. His advisors have failed him miserably, and he has failed America in not changing his advisers quickly enough to understand what he is dealing with.

The primary goal of all American Presidents and not the Congress is to determine for our country what our interests should be. The President then must create policy to advance our interests. It is not a coincidence that the first invasion of Iraq in 1990 took place shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. Our Middle East policy up until that point was to prevent Soviet penetration, and domination of the OIL RICH Middle East.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, our policy became to PREVENT any one country in the region from creating hegemony over the region (the reason being OIL). This was Saddam’s SIN. He attempted to control the oil wealth of the region by invading Kuwait, and therefore neutralizing Saudi Arabia. This had to be prevented at all costs. In 1990, the cost was a US led coalition to remove Saddam as a threat to the oil stability of the region, and that is why the first President Bush never marched to Baghdad. Saddam’s removal from Kuwait was enough to insure that hegemony would not be created.

Somehow the current President Bush got it into his mind Saddam still represented a threat to the stability of the region, and therefore invaded again. In doing so, he has opened Pandora’s Box. Once that box was opened, no one can predict with any accuracy how this is going to play out. We have certainly done a number of things, none of which play to our favor:

1) We have strengthened and emboldened Iran. We are no longer in a position to threaten Iran with invasion for continuing its nuclear program. We do not have the force structure to back up our threats.

2) We have strengthened Syria in the same way as Iran.

3) We have aggravated the Arab-Israeli situation by weakening our own image as an honest third party to the conflict.

4) We have destabilized Iraq as a country, and as a functioning state, with no endgame in mind.

5) We have placed our prestige on the line, and are at the lowest level of respect in our allies’ eyes since World War II.

6) Our position as the moral guiding force of this planet is in jeopardy.

7) We have started a war that we do not know how to finish.

What the President must do RIGHT NOW is recognize where we are at. This is why he lost the Congress in the last election. Americans are never sitting stay, or watch idly. We are an active nation. If the President isn’t moving fast enough, the people will elect others who will?

Our current troops should be used only to train Iraqi forces, both police and military, and not act as combatants in a country whose government we already defeated. If the President finds it mandatory to deploy additional troops, again these additional forces should only be used to train Iraqi forces, not to intervene. This is no CIVIL WAR, with Moslem pitted against Moslem, and sect against sect. This is not about Catholic versus Protestant, or Jew versus Arab. This is all taking place within the context of the same religion. It is even taking place within the same sects. Sunni is also killing Sunni, and Shia is killing Shia. We could never hope to be able to intervene against such wanton killing.

We are after all a democracy, the beacon of light in world where there is much darkness. Our continued efforts in Iraq may weaken this country so much more that it could result in potentially nuclear Iran creating the regional hegemony that we tried to prevent Iraq from creating. Wouldn’t that be a sad state of affairs? We replace one monster with another.

Goodbye and Good Luck via

Does Mr. Bush Know What the Word “Democracy” Means?

Once the administration decided, retroactively, that the bringing of democracy to the people of Iraq was the real reason for its invasion and occupation of that country, the word “democracy” has found it way more and more frequently into Mr. Bush’s utterances. But even as he uses it to underscore every bellicose malapropos, one can’t help but wonder if he knows what the term means.

The answer, of course, is that the word “democracy”, (along with assorted other terms and phrases such as “values”, “morals”, “healthy forests”, “clear skies”, and “evil”), has been co-opted by the radical right and given a meaning far from its original. Robert Parry offers us a disturbing peek into what that meaning might be, and what is at stake for all Americans:

“When conservatives talk of George W. Bush’s “transformational” role in American politics, they are referring to a fundamental change they seek in the U.S. system of government in which the Republican Party will dominate for years to come and power will not really be up for grabs in general elections.

Under this vision of a “managed-democracy,” elections will still be held but a variety of techniques will ensure that no Democrat has a reasonable chance to win. Most important will be the use of sophisticated propaganda and smear tactics amplified through a vast conservative media infrastructure, aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream press.”