Close the Schools – Save the Children

I’ve been reading about the high cost of diesel fuel for school buses and I’ve got a rather radical plan about education. I have a plan to save millions–no BILLIONS in property taxes every year. Why can’t kids telecommute to class? Colleges give degrees online, why can’t schools do the same thing? Why do we need school buses? Why do we even need schools any more? Do you realize how much we could save if we dumped all the schools, fired the teachers and gave each kid a laptop with a Kindergarten CD–the do the work and pass a test that is at the back of the CD at the end of the “school year” and then they get a 1st grade CD and so on all the way through high school graduation, take the high school test and then go on to college online.

Each child would work at his or her own pace in the safety and comfort of their own home, no teasing or bullying and if they need help, there would be a virtual teacher (or maybe even a real one) to help them with whatever they were having problems with. The cost of the CDs would be minimal–about $2 each and the entire curriculum for each year could be placed on each CD. A child would pop the CD into the laptop, go to a website to view a video on that day’s lesson, then do the exercise in the lesson on the computer and have it graded instantly.

They must complete the exercise lesson before they can go on to the next lesson on the CD, you could restrict access by making the program password protected and the child doesn’t get the password for the next lesson until the previous one is completed successfully and then the CD gives the child the password for the next lesson. At the end of each week, there is a test on the lessons that the child must pass in order to get the password for the next week’s lesson. Every month there is a major test that must be passed before the child moves on. There would be no reason for brick and mortar schools or teachers, administrators, insurance, school lunches, school buses, playgrounds, or anything else. The savings in taxes would be tremendous and the kids wouldn’t have to worry about being bullied, or shot or molested by rogue teachers.

There would be no teenage pregnancy, no detentions, no missed school buses, no competition for who had the coolest whatever and the students would have the benefit of having a first class education. If the student didn’t successfully complete the prescribed course work by the end of the term then s/he would have to continue all summer in order to keep up with their class in the fall and social promotions would be unnecessary because there’s no one to make fun of a slow learner. Children who wished to graduate earlier could go to school year round or do more work to get their education completed in less time and colleges could do the same thing–most colleges now offer online classes now anyway. Going to a brick and mortar school is an obsolete concept and should be ended. Children would socialize through activities with their parents in their communities and juvenile crime would be a thing of the past. Close public libraries too–no one needs them, we have the internet to do research–put the Library of Congress online and everyone would have access. Virtual field trips would be to places like the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa instead of to a crummy local museum. Kids would have a much better education and the taxpayers would not have to pay the outlandish property taxes they are paying now.

The savings would be astronomical!! Every child would be issued a laptop and an internet access card–like a prepaid phone card–at age 6 and given the CD for kindergarten beginning on the first September 1 (after their 6th birthday) and would have to complete all the coursework by June 1 of the following year in order to be promoted to first grade–which would mean being given the CD with the first grade coursework. Of course a gifted and/or motivated child could receive the next grade’s CD early if they completed the previous grade’s coursework sooner than June 1 or if they wanted to get ahead by continuing to go to virtual school during the summer.

This is an absolutely simple concept and it would be very easy to do. It would be so much cheaper to issue each child a laptop and provide internet access–look at all the parents who are homeschooling their children using this concept! $500 for each laptop and $50 for the entire elementary, middle and high school curriculum on CDs is dirt cheap compared to the cost of building and operating schools, paying teachers and all the other employees,operating school buses, paying for insurance, fuel for the buses and to heat and cool the schools. It’s the way of the future! Wake up and smell the 21st century! Stop preparing the leaders of tomorrow with the educational traditions of the 18th century!!

The author, Teri Davis Newman resides in the metro St. Louis area and is a wedding planner. She also owns and operates a nationally recognized limousine service. She answers questions on etiquette, social situations, sex, fashion, food, wine and general advice on her blog as an off-the-cuff running commentary on any subject that annoys, amuses or aggravates her.

Fertility Drugs And Birth Defects – The Tragedy Of A Useless Package Insert

If you can’t trust the FDA, then who can you trust? After all, it’s part of the Federal Government and the designated watchdog to protect the consuming public from dangerous and ineffective drugs. It also sits in a position of impartiality, is loaded to the gills with expertise, and even has unlimited access to some of the foremost experts in the country, if not the world. Thus, when the FDA puts its stamp of approval on the language of the product labeling that accompanies a drug, it is something that every prescribing doctor can rely upon.

Or can they?

The official language for a drug is contained within a document referred to as a package insert. It accompanies the package of pharmaceutical products that are delivered to your local pharmacy, and contains everything a prescribing physician would want to know about a drug, including its chemical composition, pharmacology (how it works), indications (what it is intended to treat), contraindications (when it shouldn’t be given), warnings, precautions, adverse reactions (side effects) and dosage. Although it is printed by the manufacturer of the drug, by law its language must be first approved by the FDA. Most prescribing physicians rely upon what is stated about a drug within the package insert, or by referring to the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), an annual publication which incorporates the same approved language contained within the insert.

Consider that on November 30, 1983, the FDA approved an updated draft of the package insert for Clomid (clomiphene citrate), one of the most popular fertility drugs in the world. On that date it requested the manufacturer (Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) to prepare final print labeling that included the following new warnings, which it had earlier required:

· “Some Clomid and/or its metabolites…may, therefore, remain in the body during early pregnancy in every woman who conceives in the menstrual cycle of Clomid treatment.”

· “The physician should counsel the patient with special regard to the following potential adverse reactions that may be encountered. …Pregnancy Wastage and Birth Anomalies.”

· “Among the birth anomalies spontaneously reported as individual cases since commercial availability of Clomid, the proportion of neural tube defects has been high among pregnancies associated with ovulation induced by Clomid….”

· “Population-based reports have been published on possible elevation of risk of Down’s Syndrome in ovulation induction cases and of increase in trisomy defects among spontaneously aborted fetuses from subfertile women receiving ovulation inducing drugs (no women with Clomid alone and without additional inducing drug).”

The FDA had also requested deletion of the following statement, previously included in earlier editions of the package insert: “No causative evidence of a deleterious effect of Clomid therapy on the human fetus has been seen….”

The FDA was justified in ordering these changes because: (a) Clomid has a long half-life (5 days), and studies had shown that the drug and/or its metabolites had been found in feces as long as 6 weeks after it had been ingested; (b) case reports of birth defects voluntarily submitted to the FDA by the medical profession revealed that about 25% of all reported cases involved neural tube defects (spina bifida and anencephaly); and (c) published studies had shown an increased risk in Down syndrome and abnormal chromosomes in spontaneous abortions following the use of fertility drugs, including Clomid. Such studies also represented “causative evidence of a deleterious effect of Clomid therapy on the human fetus.”

On March 5, 1987, the FDA wanted the drug company to add a further warning:

· “Clomid is contraindicated in pregnant women. Clomid may cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant women. Since there is a reasonable likelihood of the patient becoming pregnant while receiving Clomid, the patient should be apprised of the potential hazard to the fetus.”

Yet to this very day, none of these justified warnings have ever been included in the Clomid package insert. And the above statement that was requested to be deleted was never removed until 1995, when it was replaced with: “No causative evidence of a deleterious effect of Clomid therapy on the human fetus has been established….” The change is an apparent acknowledgement that such evidence had by then been “seen,” but had not reached the level of establishing a causal relationship.

But it gets worse.

The current Clomid package insert represents to every prescribing doctor:

· “The overall incidence of reported birth anomalies from pregnancies associated with maternal CLOMID ingestion during the investigational studies was within the range of that reported in published references for the general population.”

So, what is wrong with this statement? The pre-market investigational studies referred to were never designed to assess the risk of birth defects. This acknowledgement has been made under oath by the drug company’s employee who oversaw the studies. In other words, no one knows how many birth defects occurred during these studies. This is due in part because the vast majority of the clinical investigators were fertility specialists who did not deliver any of the babies. After conception was achieved, the pregnancies were delivered in other clinics by doctors who had no obligation to report the outcome. There is also evidence that some documented birth defects and spontaneous abortions from the investigational studies were not reported by the drug company to the FDA. These, and many other deficiencies, have been reported to the FDA on several occasions, including as early as July 1975.

The tragedy is that every physician who relies upon the Clomid package insert before prescribing the drug is being deceived into believing that there is absolutely no risk of the drug causing birth defects – and that every Clomid patient is being similarly deceived and denied the right to make a true informed choice. Whether or not a woman might choose to roll the dice and encounter the risk, she has every right to know what that risk is; not only what the percentages are, but the type of birth defects she might be faced with should the dice come up “snake eyes.”

But what if there was a means to substantially reduce or even eliminate that risk? What if it involved nothing more than taking a small dietary supplement during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy? Being denied such an opportunity would be the greatest tragedy of all, especially if the Clomid mother came home with a malformed baby in her arms.

The above documented facts are just a small sample of the wealth of information available on my website and in my book, THE PRICE OF OVULATION: the Truth about Fertility Drugs and Birth Defects – and a Solution to the Problem. The “solution” is explored in depth in the book, including all of the scientific studies which back up the conclusion, and which can potentially save tens of thousands of babies from severe and catastrophic congenital anomalies – even those occurring in natural pregnancies.

Terence Mix is a trial attorney who spent over 2 1/2 decades successfully litigating fertility drug cases on behalf of malformed babies. He is a former president of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association and spent 12 years on the Board of Governors of California Trial Lawyers Association. He is a legal author and lecturer on trial techniques and strategies, including the trial of drug product cases, which was his specialty for over 30 years. He is a former biographee in Who’s Who in California (1983) and Who’s Who in American Law (1985). He has recently completed a nonfiction book: “THE PRICE OF OVULATION: The Truth about Fertility Drugs and Birth Defects – and a Solution to the Problem.” During the course of researching the book, he has reviewed in excess of 1000 scientific papers on the subject. He has also testified in front of the FDA on the topic of fertility drugs and birth defects.

Benefits of National Holidays

National Independence holidays are a part of the makeup of almost every country. Some countries have more and other have fewer of these special days on their calendar, but most countries have at least one of these special holidays. Taiwanese celebrate their independence day on 10/10. July 4 is one of the highlights on the USA calendar. The Brits celebrate the Queen’s birthday. In Panama the citizens of this small country are not happy with celebrating only one Independence-day.

During my stay in the country I discovered they have three separate Independence-day festivals on different days in November. Some people may argue that these holidays are a bore as they have lost their original meaning, and now are a waste of time and money. The protesters would argue that in the current economic climate traders cannot afford the loss of a full day’s revenue. In Panama at least, the lost trade is countered by the numerous much greater advantages attached to celebrating a national holiday.

The celebration of the major national independence-day festival in Panama City in November does not occur without due preparation. At least two weeks before the actual ‘Day’ most public city buildings suddenly fly the national colors. Banners and rosettes in red, blue and white flutter in the breeze winking at passers-by like huge bright eyes. Storefront windows display magnificent day and evening dresses side by side in the three national colors. And, as if by prior arrangement, vehicles start sporting miniature pennants, often one on either side of the car or truck. Fast food vendors’ tricycles become even more noticeable with the added blue, red and white flags brightening the big yellow plastic buckets containing their spicy rolls and pastries. This general upsurge of patriotism is not confined to public places of business and trade. Flags of varying sizes draped on balconies of apartments and other visible areas in private homes declare to the world that a loyal Panamanian family or perhaps only a single individual lives there.

On Sunday afternoon before the start of the festival week in Panama City a full dress rehearsal of parades takes place on one of the main streets of the city. Large crowds of enthusiastic spectators cheer a seemingly unending flow of bands. Some are led by drum majorettes, others, only by baton swinging band leaders marching down the street. Every band tries to outshine the rest as they march past a number of perspiring local VIPs under a red and white striped canopy. These guests of honor sit behind a table laden with shiny trophies. Their task is to judge participants on performance and dress and award prizes to the best performers afterwards.

Throughout the long merry afternoon onlookers show their support to family and friends spontaneously in many ways. Sometimes a spectator joins the band as an extra member on the edge of the road, walking in pace with them for a couple of yards. Or a member of the colorful crowd darts out on the street to offer a soda or a wet sponge to a relative marching past under the blazing sun. Or, a well wisher shouts a few words of encouragement to perspiring individuals who look drained by the heat and exertion of the long march. Sometimes someone hurriedly kicks away an empty carton or soda-can that may block the way of the marchers on the street.

On the sidewalk carefree toddlers who are sitting very securely on their fathers’ shoulders tower above other umbrella holding onlookers. They wave half empty soda cans or tiny flags trying to catch the eye of a familiar band member. Mothers and other equally proud relatives loudly hail or wave at their favorite persons in the band. And sandwiched in between the densely packed masses strollers, with their light loads soundly asleep, fill every available empty spot. If the little ones clamor for attention they’re hurriedly pacified with a drink or a pat by an adult or older sibling. No one wants to lose track of the barrage of sound and ever moving spectacle on the wide street in front of them.

The actual celebration lasts two days. Scores of brass bands, school bands and private and public organizations participate in parades. The Panama sky may more often than not be a monotonous gray, but life on the city streets usually vibrates with smells, sound and color. At no other time is this liveliness more evident than during the independence festival week. Supporters loudly cheer their favorite band waving their special banner when they come in sight down the main road especially when dancers in colorful sugar fairy national dress form part of a particular procession. Locals and international visitors from neighboring Central American and other more distant countries mingle freely in the crowded public spaces. And all add enthusiastically to the cacophony without giving a second thought to who’s pressing against whom.

Rich and poor are united in pursuit of pleasure and free entertainment. Nobody seems to mind being jostled and sometimes stepped on in spectators’ single-minded urge to move forward a fraction of a meter in order to have a better view of the colorful visual and musical spectacle in front of them. Thousands of citizens line the main streets ten deep to watch and cheer and share in their compatriots’ repeated musical performances. The merging of clanging cymbals, energetic thumping on drums interspersed with the finer lighter piping of clarinets and melodious tunes of xylophones fills the air. Trumpeters blaring at full blast often herald the procession.

A lot of trading goes on amidst all this medley of color and sound. Informal entrepreneurs brave the throng of people to carry on brisk trade. The piercing sounds of vendors’ rubber balloon hooters trill at every street corner and open space between store fronts and entrances. The sellers weave in and out among the jostling pressing, noisy masses. Some are on bicycles with long festoons of miniature flags sticking out above the heads of people on the sidewalks. Others carry heavy trays filled with handmade trinkets from the countryside or cheap Chinese manufactured mementos. These trays overflow with shiny yellow miniature trumpets, pennants, fake brand name watches, sunglasses and strings of multi-colored bead necklaces and bracelets. The best customers are the scores of children who wish to blow their shiny toy trumpet or fly their own pennant.

People also have to eat and drink at a festival. The colorful canopies of fast food vendors’ three-wheelers proudly displaying their country’s colors therefore are a welcome sight. Strong flavors of fried sausage and roast meat carried by the light wind tempt prospective customers to flock to the carts. Hungry compatriots fight for the best spots to give the sizzling delicacies a closer look before parting with their small change. Those with different preferences sample spicy hot-dogs, tamales, rolls and pies. An inviting selection of soft drinks and ice creams revives the weary ones who crave something sweet to get new energy to enjoy another spate of drum beats.

After two days of incessant drumming, dancing and parading it seems as if a cloud of silence blankets the weary city. People are exhausted but happy. They were energized by a rush of patriotism which transformed divergent masses into a nation. People from all walks of life could be part of the celebrations at no cost. The less privileged were able to escape the drudge of their daily lives while being entertained by their own people for free. And more privileged citizens, who wanted to escape the crush, could spend time with family and friends in the quiet countryside. Pennants also waved on many of the outward bound vehicles.

As I was standing on the fringes of the colorful assortment of people I thought about the benefits of celebrating national independence days. It may be inconvenient to find some stores and banks closed for two weekdays in a row. But these special days bring home the truth that success should not always be measured in terms of perfect professional performance, or reckoned in multi-million dollar profits.

Often the reward lies in the satisfaction of unemployed persons who could earn a few dollars to provide for their family, or the joy of a school boy or girl having been able to show their musical talents as a member of a group making their parents proud. These special days also give families a chance to share quality time together. And, last but not least, these national holidays provide citizens a chance to show their pride in their country. (1431 words)

Our Health Care System – An Insider’s View

Upon completing college back in the early 1970s, I worked for a large department store in NY in the accounting office. Working full time, naturally, I was afforded a company group insurance policy which included health benefits, along with dental, and life insurance. At that time there were no HMOs, nor were there any physicians that did not accept any legitimate health insurance plan. During my childhood, my parents always maintained insurance coverage on both me and my sister through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NY. The insurance offered by my employer was also through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NY. It was touted to be the best health insurance plan around at that time, and cost me personally nothing to enroll. The employer paid the entire premium in my behalf, and although it did have a yearly deductible, and then paid 80% up to a specified amount before paying 100%, being relatively healthy it posed no real economic hardship on me, and I was easily able to cover my deductible, and small out of pocket costs for any tests or prescriptions I may have needed.

It wasn’t until I relocated to southern California in the mid 1970s, that for the first time, I realized just how much our country needed to revamp its health care system. Perhaps revamp is a poor term for what I observed initially, but eventually it would become a very well suited term for what would be needed. Of course today what is needed is a complete overhaul of our health care system, and a program that will allow everyone affordable and good quality health care. However, intiially, the programs in place were very good, and very affordable to those who worked full time. There obviously weren’t as many small businesses out there, and even the ones that were, could at least afford some type of health care coverage for their families. While I was living in southern California I met and married a young woman who had been afflicted with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, and was on Social Security Disability and State Supplemental Income. In addition she had Medicare and Medi-Cal to help pay for her medical fees and services which she desperately needed to keep her alive, and functioning.

Even back then, it took almost an act of Congress to qualify for those programs, and you had to have a redetermination every two years to see if your conditions had improved. Every two years my wife was subjected to an independent medical exam with a Medicare approved physician who reviewed all her medical records for the previous two years, and examined her, and then reported his or her findings to the Social Security Administration for review with his or her recommendations. Although my wife’s condition was only getting worse, and other than short periods of remission where her disease was in check, she was basically declining, and it was obvious it should would never be cured, still she would continue to be subjected to these exams every two years until her death in 1988. In was during this period of time that I personally became involved in the health care field, and saw first hand just how insurance companies worked, at least when it came to health care.

In 1981, I obtained a position at a very well known Hospital and Health Care center in southern California. My job was that of a Patient Financial Counselor, which entailed the discussion with patients and/or their families either prior to admission, during admission or at discharge, in order to work out arrangements for payment of the unpaid portion of their hospital bills. In most cases the balance owing was anywhere from a few hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars depending upon the procedure done and the amount of time actually spent in the hospital. If the patient was covered by a good private insurance carrier, it was usually only a few hundred dollars. In the case where they were covered by Medicare of Medi-Cal, they ofter owed nothing. If they were indigent, and had no insurance at all, we had a social worker on staff who would attempt to get them on some form of emergency medical assistance to help pay their debt in full. However, that would soon all change with the cut backs in Medicare, and other social programs during the course of the Regan Administration. By the mid to late 1980s, insurance carriers were demanding second opinions on certain procedures, and PPOs and HMOs began to spring up all over the country. It was the beginning of managed health care, which has its own pros and cons. The biggest advantage to the employers who provided these programs to their employees of course was the costs. Costs for PPOs and HMOs were much less expensive than the traditional health care plans, and saved the employer thousands of dollars per year in costs. It was the biggest selling point for them, but left many employees with less than adequate coverage.

If an employer for example opted for an HMO plan, the employees found themselves in many cases looking for a new doctor as their doctor wasn’t a part of the HMO plan. At least with the ones who lucked out with a PPO plan could still see their own doctors of choice. The insurance just didn’t pay as much as they would if the physician was enrolled in their plans. With the HMOs, you had to sign up for a primary care physician who had to be a participating physician in their plans, or they would not pay the doctor’s fees. In addition if you had to see a specialist, your primary care physician had to get an authorization from the insurance carrier for that visit. The same held true for many procedures you may need to have, and again it was up to the primary care physician to get prior authorization, or the patient was stuck with paying the entire bill. It was during this period that medical groups or clinics began to spring up all over the country, owned and operated by the HMOs. It was their attempt to control health care costs, and manage health care for its patients. Since the inception of HMOs there have been all types of lawsuits filed against the HMOs for wrongful deaths and for lack of necessary treatment for their patients, but still they are going strong.

The question I pose is, when does good health care offset the costs? If a doctor deems it necessary for a patient to undergo a long medical treatment plan to help save their lives, or to give them a better quality of life, costs should be of secondary concern, and the patient’s well being should be placed first. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Yes, I agree that there are people who abuse the system, and run to the nearest emergency room for every little ache and pain when they are covered by a public medical program such as Medicare and Medicaid, but what about the ones who truly do have a need for emergency services, and often have to wait hours to be seen because the emergency room is filled with non emergent cases simply because they know they cannot be turned away just because they have no insurance or public insurance programs. The publicly funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid need to start to review these non emergent cases, and refuse to pay for those services making the patient liable for any and all costs incurred for those visits.

In the 1990s, during the Clinton administration there was a push on for a complete overhaul of the health care system in this country. The concept behind the idea was to find a feasible way to offer affordable, good quality health care to all Americans, not just those who could easily afford it, or those who were already on publicly funded programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. Additionally, there was a proposal that would allow the insurance companies to receive government subsidies to offset the costs of insuring those who were considered to be high risk, or chronic patients. Several models were investigated, and in an effort to destroy any hope of resolving this issue, lobbyists and special interest groups claimed that it would be a form of socialized medicine and costs taxpayers billions of dollars, and would not necessarily offer better quality health care. In the end the only positive thing that came out of the whole deboggle, was guaranteed health care for children, and the allowing of either parent to take time off from work after a child’s birth without fear of losing their job or seniority. Even the bill which affords health care for children needs additional funding and has been lacking due to political pressure and budget restraints over the past several years.

In recent years we have been so concerned about fighting terrorism around the world, and our military and political efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan at the cost of billions of dollars, that the overhaul and reconstruction of America’s health care system has been put on the back burner. Even with a Democratically controlled Congress, the health care system has not gained any further support, nor has it been placed on anyone’s priority list. Only in recent months with the primary elections has the question of providing affordable health care for all Americans once again resurfaced and been placed on the candidates priority lists. There is no question in this author’s mind that something has to be done to protect Americans from the high costs of health care, and the ability to receive good quality health care services no matter what the persons financial situation. I am not proposing a socialized medical system, nor am I in favor of allowing non citizens to have free participation in any such system devised. However, for those hard working Americans who hold down jobs and pay their taxes, and especially those with families, need some type of guarantee, that they can obtain good quality health care when they need it, and at an affordable price.

No one wants to see people dying or not enjoying a good quality of life just simply because they cannot afford to see a physician when they really need to, or afford their medication that keeps them alive or in good health. However, we cannot afford to keep going the way we are just because we are a free enterprise system and allow for competition between businesses. While the health care industry is a business, just as with public utilities, the government does put controls on prices and price increases, and perhaps a similar program with the health care industry would work the same way. I just have a hard time swallowing the fact that we have billions of tax dollars to spend overseas on wars we can’t win, or have no reason to be involved in, other than the stuffing of someone’s pocket, yet we cannot provide affordable quality health care for our own citizens here at home. While this may be just my opinion, I think that there are many Americans out there who feel the same way, but believe that we are in the minority, and that no one in Washington, is really listening to us. Perhaps this next national election will show the bureaucrats in Washington that this is not the case, and really send a message to our political leaders that it is time for a real change.
Mark Sacks

Occasional Gifts

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Diamonds, Gemstones, Lumps of Coal – Another Strike at the Dragon’s Soul

This news to China is another diamond of the moral lessons from God or pure living, or Buddha himself. The way we live, is the way we die. Buddha had a following not because what he said, but how he lived such a holy serene life as no other holy man of his time. And while this diamond of a gentle man lived a simple life, and like Socrates in the west, merely answer questions with a question, and go inside his bliss.

Which what another diamond of a human being has just done, and informed the world, and his host China, he may miss th parade. For he fears for his health if in his race he proceeds, for he is long distance runner, for which lung power much needs. Of all of the athletes, the long race will be won, by he who runs fastest, and sucks air through his lungs.

However, in Beijing, each visit, he fears for his life. For the air is so filthy many have masks on their faces as day seems like twilight. And for this champion to win, he must train there with might, to know the terrain, every up and down site. And by the time of the races, and parades and speeches now complete; he is not sure if he would have lungs left to stand on his feet.

So on Olympics and torches like the Disney Parade, with lights and sights to marvel, all through each day. Are we to use candles, or masks and a lamp, to watch each runner still standing cough over that ramp? When the best mice from heaven start leaving the boat, it is time for a make over, or swamp in the moat. The Forbidden Palace is bloated, and very confused. How to get rich, be Communist, not confused by the rules.

Poor Communist China, on it’s way to get rich, still keeps controls like a female with puppies, our snarling great bitch. Take Tibet, and Sudan for oil. Tibetans who make trouble could be shipped to Darfur, in exchange for that oil. Gone Tibetan, such trouble, now peopled with Hans. Hans is also Chinese, as German, but who could so tell? 1939 soldiers named Hans in helmets marched from Paris to Moscow. Times change, people earn to love and forgive. French now hug Germans: how grown up is that?

Except up in Tibet. Here, the 2008 Hans are more golden and they come from the coast. And they take over Tibet, each Han soldier can boast. Bump baton upon skull of Tibetan in robes. Only way to teach them, our great culture here in droves.

Meanwhile, back in Beijing, they wonder if they were to close down the coal burning factories around Beijing as long as guests were in town. It could be as in America in that horrible three days after 9/11 when all air traffic was shut down. The skies of America became blue. Not every other coal burning factory and all our exhaust SUV could make the sky gray. We may not have noticed, but science sure did. Meanwhile a billion Chinese want to fly to Rome for the fall.

And that kerosine driven airplane creates a fake heavenly sky as it leaves a jet trail wover a clear blue sky. That serene implication of that white cloud is a lie. It is kerosine spittle, that when it rains, falls on you and I. So I think science would agree with this stink: we might be more health by far, if they left the toilets open to fall. At least good for the gardens, we can handle crap as we get it at work. But if they could find a way to put a diaper on the rear of that jet engine air bus, they could stop it from wet potties, of kerosine onto us.

Take the new jet super trains that, like veins through our bodies, encircle the earth. Get the coal dust technology information to all. And until jets can get off kerosine, take the clean train, and marvel at the Great Wall of China, under blue skies, on your way to Rome. So fascinating, as with the French jet on rails, keep your eye on the castle in the distance.

For if you look down, you are soon sick and dizzy. You are flying. At ground level. Those whizzing bushes by the track give you more information than you need, for an enjoyable quick tram trip from London to Delhi, and then on to Seattle and New York. But if you do happen to walk outside in the air, wash your hair, take care, the airplanes have been out there. Not a diamond among them, flying kerosine lumps of coal, being rude on us down there.

Raindrops of kerosine are falling on my head, but I’m not dead, so what do I care? Nobodies there, so keep on rolling through the sky, until we all die, those coal burning lamps are coming back, Jack, you go with the flow, what do you know, it’s a blazing good show, the hotter it gets the less that you know. And us red ants seek black ants where ever they go. Unforgiving Gods or Allahs brought to us in anger and hate. If only, if only, or is hope way too late? No. God is not finished with one life human yet.

Until we can be wise like Buddha, whose wise followers were surely those three, who allowed God to allow them to be a the birth of Christ Jesus. Buddha’s last day among life, was in his mid eighties, for those days a great age. He and his loved ones all enjoyed a simple meal, they meditated together until Buddha was gone. His meditation took him to Heaven, Nirvana, as they say. In bliss and harmony, golden rules in full play.

Derek Dashwood enjoys the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics and use and wise use of power and how it is shown at It’s Her Diamond, Let Her Pick

Reorganizing Health Care Is Not Socialized Medicine – It’s Inevitable

You see, the global enterprises and endeavors of companies such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology companies, certain medical professions, those in positions of power paid for by global entities, and a multitude of other corporate greed driven systems for health care services are pushing this nation into something that could have been avoided. Through their greed, their ignorance of societies basic needs, and of the natural human degenerative process; the winds of change can be heard. They watch quantitative numbers that represent people’s lives and profits but, the subjective and qualitative economic burdens placed on persons lives are ignored.

They adamantly display arrogance and social psychological deception, through the utilization of our own patriotism, nationalism and Americanism. We must do what the rest of the world has done! Not to globalize, but to survive (with our own unique system that’s better). Regardless, if you think tampering with today’s medical system is wise, will work, or will be profitable for some and not for most is irrelevant…it must be done. We have no choice….it is a matter of survival… our families survival, our economic, our physical, our psychological, our emotional, our political and our Nations survival….we must reorganize medicine. They have given no choice…they still do not hear our voices; “the price is still too high” in comparison to our income, in comparison to inflation, our standards of living (which is being taken away by global trade policies and other systems of greed and corruption) and our abilities to provide! Simply stated, health care is simply unreasonably priced based upon our depleting resources. It’s a catch twenty two – and something must and will be done; it’s a natural reaction to survival.

Americans are the hardest working people on the planet with the fastest decreases in their standard of living in the history of industrialization. In comparison to the access to medical technology and expensive health care, we may at times think we have better access to technology and treatment, but birth mortality rates, treatments for certain diseases and life expectancy currently for Americans places us at the bottom of the global list. Simply put, our health care system compared to other countries does not measure up for what we are paying for! You probably will not live as long as a European; and their health care is free! You won’t live as long because you are too busy working, stressed out, depressed and ignored in order to pay outrageous health care cost for yourself, your family or illegal aliens… this will ultimately lead to the demise of your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Middle class and lower class stratified Americans are getting the shaft for the most part, and many are tired of it! You see it in the voting reports, you see it in their political participation, you see it in the way they have isolated themselves within their communities…it’s obvious, Americans are doing whatever it takes to survive and this is destroying what America has always meant to Americans and to the world. America has always been about hope, opportunity, to own something, to take pride in something and the ability to maintain a decent quality of life for ones self and their families. To know that your family will be covered if there is an accident “beyond your control” and to have security that if something does happen you will not have to claim bankruptcy and go into economic distress in order to pay the bills (creating larger barriers).

This is why America is great – because this life in America is supposed to have some major benefits compared to the rest of the world…. it is supposed to have some adequate level of security. Without covering ones basic needs…security does not exist. When one goes to college (does as society expects), works two jobs and still cannot afford health care, or the occupation they work does not cover health care expenses, or the person works for twelve dollars an hour but has to pay for two thirds of his health care leaving him really with eight dollars an hour, unable to spend time with his family because he has to work two jobs to simply survive (why are families crumbling…mmm?) … where is this person’s security, opportunity, hope and motivation to make America great?

A person’s occupation is their identity and may be due to geography, sociology, genealogy or psychological reasons – not simply choice (I wish it were that easy). Only so many technology jobs exist, only so many nursing jobs exist, only so many jobs support a decent quality of life even for the educated and uneducated…what happens when all the good paying, good benefit jobs are taken (I mean good – in that they support a families needs and future)? Others have to work the rest of the jobs in America, and if those jobs represent no security, no benefits, no future for marriage or family…then Americas leaders are telling us loud and clear…most of America does not matter, America’s families do not matter, most of America can suffer, most of America can live insecure, inconsistent and unstable lives. Most of America is not America at all… but something else that is less valuable than we….the elites.

Read Carefully Fellow Leaders – Hear Your Message

If adults in a family quit providing the processes or opportunities for family members to secure their basic needs, how long do you think that family would stay together? It is a simple sociological fact…they would not stay together but dissolve into stagnation. If the children would not be taken care of when sick, when incapacitated, when hungry…would this not be neglect according to our own state law? Is our government committing sociological neglect due to the ignoring and purposeful inaction upon making sure that social members can secure affordable health care (a basic need) for their family? Are they not as a neglecting parent choosing pleasurable activities (profits) over taking care of the future generations of America? You decide. I feel that they are indirectly neglecting the needs of a society and this neglect will be the demise of the American way of life. If our own leaders care not of America – then why should common citizens? Who better to begin anarchy than the leaders themselves? You decide. The natural processes will not be denied. Americans are living, breathing beings with wonderful potential…and neglecting their needs will only bring turmoil.

To not assist a societies members as a government, as a groups leaders with such pressing needs to make a basic need affordable for all, is to say……….work, work, work, toil, toil, toil, compete, compete, compete, perform, perform, perform, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, give up marriage, work two jobs and give up your family, contradict everything you have ever been raised to comply, and when you break down (which you will – its biological and inevitable), when your children need their fathers and mothers at home, when the ones you care about break down, when your so stressed and over whelmed, when your working, working, working and can barely meet your basic needs, when you need counseling or mental health consultation due to psycho individualistic reactions (anxiety / depression) due to the socio environmental impacts (social and economic stress)…we don’t care…go into bankruptcy paying for your basic needs (creating more barriers for those who already suffer), may you beg for the money in time to make sure your son gets the bone marrow transplant before he dies…because even knowing you were a cooperative social member, even knowing you follow all the rules, even knowing you did what society expected…your not worth keeping in society, your not worth being healthy, your not worth it to our America to make sure your life is secure enough to compete. You are not a worthy American.

This message to real Americans from our so called leaders and globalist angers everyone I know – and many are reading between the lines.

Was America not founded on competition? And our own leaders deny us the consistency and security to meet our basic needs so we can compete? Fools! No wonder mental health clinics are full of people needing pharmaceutical prescriptions and in need of someone to speak with regarding their anguish and psychic pain; all the while they are fighting with the insurance company to cover their therapy and cannot even afford their Prozac and Zanex…how outrageous and disgusting these global corporation and the leaders they own in Congress have become!

Nearly every industrialized nation on earth either has a medical system that is free to members of society or at least subjectively affordable. I propose a system in which does not deny any advancement of technology to any American – regardless of class or creed. We should all pay a percentage based upon our social position; this is the only equitable and nature sustaining solution.

Friends, let me be frank with you (as if I have been withholding – lol). Global companies and corrupt leaders are using Americans, manipulating Americans and profiting from Americans bad circumstances and basic needs within one of the last industrialized systems that allows them and gives them the freedom to do so. The rest of the world has wised up to these processes.

These evil greed driven systems see you as a quantitative number. You are not one with real regard, emotions or life. They ignore qualitative data (what your real emotion, circumstances and needs are)…unless it relates to how they can persuade you into choosing them as your provider or leader. These persons, leaders and systems for which I speak have no real need to be loyal, to worry about your sons and daughters or your future for that matter. They know that they will just give their own family a job at their multi-billion dollar company or through the good old boy system for which to help out anyone of their emotionally laden relationships…they have no insecurity of loss, no national loyalty, they are globalist and they have no compassion or humility.

So clearly, if they do not care for anyone but themselves…they do not really care for America. They are not Americans. They are not simply rich people either – this is not a rich bashing session – far from it. There are many great and wonderful wealthy Americans and more power to them. These evil doers are the ones destroying and denying America by neglecting her basic needs, a decent quality of life and a secure future to be healthy. They are denying Americans what Americans and even our beloved veterans believe they are working for, suffering for and dying for. They utilize terms like “socialized medicine” to scare the common American away from thinking that any type of reorganizing of the current medical system is communistic, socialistic and will destroy America as we know it!

Well, let me say that the current system, and the players who are clearly benefiting have no regard, no understanding, no plan or purpose in changing – and they my friends are paying politicians plenty and making billions on your degenerating bodies.

What could be more of a persuasion to change a system than that?

I ask you fools ruining America! How long do you think it will be before Americans figure out that the dream has become a night mare, and that hope has become strife? That you care not of their lives or family and that change is long over due?

Trust me, I tell you the truth…it won’t be long.

Americans are much smarter than you give them credit for; they simply have immense patients and want to believe the good in others. But, when they finally smell that rat stealing their cheese… well lets just say this…Americans always have a way of getting things done…bringing change…for that I am hopeful.

And done you will be.


A real American.

L.J. Riley Jr. is a Michigan native, a graduate of Davison High School, a graduate of the U.S. Army Combat Infantry School, Bradley Fighting Vehicle School and Dragon Missle School. L.J. or John Riley is a combat veteran and served in Oper. Desert Shield / Storm. He left the military and enrolled at Mott Community College, graduating with Phi Theta Kappa and pursuing a BSW at the University of Michigan Flint where he won the “Maize and Blue” Scholar Award. L.J. then was accepted to the one year Masters program at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor MSW Program for clinical social work. He graduated in 2007 with a 4.0 and the acceptance of the Howard and Judith Simms Fellowship. L.J. loves people, loves helping people and seeks to change lives directly and in-directly through his writing.

Laverne John Riley Jr.