Politics As Usual

I can see the ad on eBay when I close my eyes, one senate seat, price $500,000.00, pick up only. Sure the news would have leaked sooner, but is this idea really such a stretch? Here we have yet another politician whom we can assume is well educated and intelligent and who is well aware of the watchful eye that follows, and eventually catches up with public servants gone wild. For reasons that escape me, this does not appear to factor into the decision making process, or perhaps it is just that the elitist feels such a sense of entitlement, that their actions play out like the actions of a sociopath, without conscience and with complete and utter narcissism.

I am of course speaking of the scandal of Blagojevich and his alleged participation in the selling of our President elect’s vacant senate seat. What strikes me as even more remarkable then the charges against Mr. Blagojevich, is the defiance he displayed by showing up at his office to work, despite the fact that he was to relinquish his duties while under investigation. This willful act of brazenness reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode, where the character George Costanza gives his boss a verbal thrashing, then quits and walks out the door. Regretting his actions, George shows up at work the following day as if nothing ever happened, thinking no one will notice, including his boss. Okay, maybe not the best example, but you get the point.

Why are we the public, the only ones not shocked by the alleged actions of yet another politician who has allegedly soiled the very foundation that is our government? Certainly, the Washington elite are well aware of the corruption that plagues their inner circle. Is their feigned surprise merely a guise to keep us of their track? Ask yourselves this question, if a politician falls in DC and there is no one around, does he make a sound and proclaim his innocence and do we really want to hear it?

I’m a freelance writer who is a former New Yorker now living in New Mexico. Many moons ago I wrote a legal column “The Legal Eye”, for a major internet provider. I have a background in sociology and am currently in the health field. I am a big fan of the late Erma Bomback and currently enjoy the rantings of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.