#1 in Drug Use, Millions of Americans Make Declaration of Dependence

Headline: Americans are world’s top drug users: study “Americans are the world’s top consumers of cannabis and cocaine despite punitive US drug laws…”

We also rank pretty high (or low, depending upon your perspective) in pharmaceutical drug use. Why on earth would a free people need to “escape” via the chemical manipulation of their biology? That’s a bugger of a question because it might force us to take a mirror to what we believe our country to be.

When government stays within its constitutional limitations, the people are free to reach their full potential. However, when government usurps the sovereignty of the people, even if the people beg to be cared for, their “full potential” gets redefined and limited at the whims of the bureaucratic oligarchy. Americans take more drugs than any other nation despite the trillion dollar war on drugs waged against them. You would think that at some point it would become obvious that war declarations, much less police-state operations against mind-altering substances, are futile. But perhaps futility is the point.

When you feel powerless in any relationship, you may become despondent and thus a bit self-destructive. Whether it be voting within a two-party system, a war on cancer, poverty, AIDS, drugs or terror — we have been “gifted” with Hegelian dialectics without end. Is our end in sight? Man, in his arrogance, thinks that he can destroy Creation itself, since he is full with the illusion that smallpox and polio were eliminated by his scratch and sugar cube. However, disease, like poverty can never totally be eradicated, because you can’t eradicate a state of consciousness. It has to be won everyday, first, by what you believe, and then by what you do based on those beliefs.

While healing an individual may be organic “cake”; eradicating disease in TOTALITY for the masses is tantamount to the medicalization of all life according to Marx and Engels. Sure, it may sound good to those hopelessly naive, but it stands four-square “in the way” of the freedom of the individual. Collectivists don’t mind doing that, but the republic, for which it has stood for over two centuries, used to laugh and pity those who did not understand the value of individual liberty. Now much of what is left of a free republic appears ready to eschew liberty for (false) security because of externalized threats.

Despite my avowed mission as a healer, I am not “for” eradication of disease. In fact, healing is not necessarily the cessation of an allopathic diagnosed ailment. My “medical” suffering has taught me invaluable lessons which I could not learn in any other way. Why would I want to take away anyone else’s opportunity to learn the things that I have — or greater? This utopian concept of disease eradication is hopelessly collectivist and rooted in an immaturity of spiritual, much less biological understanding.

While I am “all for” the freedom to eradicate disease in any way you see fit, it is always to be applied on an individual basis, not based upon some animalistic concept called “herd” immunity. When thousands of people are sick, you are not sick because they are. The conditions for illness are created from within. Even when you accept “reality” placed upon you from an external source, it is an internal agreement that allows the veil of illusion to shield your eyes from the truth.

The “human condition” is to EXPERIENCE all of life so that we know what it is like to walk in another’s moccasins. It used to be that Americans valued liberty above all else. Now it seems that the majority of those who are politically active (at least those covered by the MSM) favor socialism, communism or fascism. Under a constitutional republic (not a majority-rule democracy), the rights of the smallest minority are protected against the knee-jerk fear and emotionalism contained within the historically and presently ignorant, government-loving mob.

While each individual chooses to take drugs for different reasons, I am certain that a culture that embraces liberty to its fullest extent will have far fewer chemical-dependents. The culture in which the people depend upon government to dole out a little liberty here and there is the one filled with drug addicts, both legal and illegal. Why wouldn’t it be that way — isn’t forced dependence depressing?

The path of liberty is the only path that leads to independence. Yes, that means you are at liberty to screw up and get sick along the way, but how else can you learn of the right path if you don’t know what it is like to be on the wrong one? Maybe Americans are craving the path of dependence so that they will appreciate the path of individual liberty once again, as much as they crave oxygen while drowning. I only hope that we come up for air in time.

Perhaps you would like some liberty infused oxygen in your media? Why not give Break the Matrix a try?

Robert Scott Bell is a Homeopathic Practitioner and nationally syndicated talk show host on Talk Radio Network. To read more of his articles, listen to his podcast and more, go to http://robertscottbell.blogspot.com

Democracy and Public Opinion

Since democracy has been defined as, “the Government of the people, by the people and for the people,” the crucial role of public opinion cannot be underestimated. It is the public which gives its views about a government by exercising its franchise in the ballot box.

In theory yes, a democracy is a form of Government in which the people have a say in the day-to-day functioning of the Government through the representatives it sends to the Parliament. The very existence of such a Government is well-dependent on the people. So much so good, but, for the people to have some views on subjects of national importance, it is imperative that the public be of some standard of intelligence and knowledge.

Public opinion plays a decisive role in making or breaking a government but the public whose opinion is so very important for the very government but the public whose opinion is so very important for the very existence of the government has got to be of some level so as to be able to hold the reins of the government, to the advantage of the nation. If this is not so, as we see in India, public opinion can be held for a price, it can be bought for a gift, then does such a public opinion have any value or relevance? If a purchased public opinion is to form a government then, Only God may bless or save the fate of the country. It is also quite appropriately said that, a people get the Government they deserve. This is but natural in a democracy for, the people vote to power, types of their own liking and standards, so if the public is uneducated, ignorant and fickle, what result oriented Government can it provide to the country. In such a case, public opinion cannot be really trusted, for, its opinions have been bought by the politicians or political parties for a price. An opinion so made can hardly be expected to last for long, for, it was never a well thought of opinion, it was just a purchased one. Moreover, such an opinion has also the inherent danger of being re-purchased by a higher bidder.

Besides being bought, an uneducated public can also be very easily misguided or, emotionally worked up, in order to get votes at the ballot box. Now, votes got in this way have to be maintained also in the same way, and so this business of give and take goes on endlessly, and the poor illiterate public is taken for a ride. They vote for people for their face value, and taking their speeches as gospel truth but, as soon as the politicians take command of their gains, the voters are clearly and unfortunately forgotten. Thus, the politician only exploits the ignorant and uneducated voters, and make them act as per their own ends. This sort of a picture of democracy is so truly prevalent in India because, our masses are ignorant, uneducated and emotional. They get carried away by the high sounding words, patriotic speeches, and they achieve no goals. The picture is such that, no matter who wins in the fray, the poor common man, who is the backbone of the democracy, gets noting in the bargain. He continues to remain where he was, just to be satisfied with imaginary power in the set up of the Government, and to be remembered only after five years when, once again he will be the all important hand in the formation of the new Government. He will once again see rosy pictures of his future, and the politicians of the highest price will keep ruling. This misrule of our Indian democracy continues to persist because the backbone is very weak being misappropriated. How can a strong body stand straight and firm on a weak backbone?

However, today, after fifty years of misrule, the Indian electorate has somehow become a little alert and has started realizing that, he has been used and exploited by the politican for his own ends, but, since he is uneducated, the poor voter does not understand how he can get out of this rut of being misused. He does understand the misdeeds of the people in power, but he still does not have the insight of how to remedy the present ills of the country. The voter has at last realized that, he has been used as a pawn all these years, and has got no gain in the bargain. At times now, the common man also raises a voice but, again his being uneducated becomes a handicap, for, he usually raises a stir on irrelevant issues which just get brushed aside. He fights for non-issues, this again just because he does not know what to raise a stir for, and how to get about the tackling of issues like inefficiency corruption and other misdeeds of political big wigs.
In such a situation, it can be really said that, a democracy gets converted into a mobocracy, and, public opinion, the backbone of the democracy a mere sham. Getting public opinion has just become as style and eyewash for, what the politicians have been doing for so many years is only imposing there own opinion on the illiterate public.

For awareness and arousal of public opinion, the Television and the press can play a very dominant role. They can help in building public opinion and explaining problems to the masses. However, in India, the politician has managed to get such a tight grip on the media also that this is also mostly tainted, unbelievable and even wrong. With such an aura how will we ever have the correct public opinion built up, on any issue of national importance. This is just propped up by speeches of politicians and tainted media, and, when this works upon the uneducated masses, a messy decoction is the result, as is so evident in India.

Public opinion which is the very essence of a democracy is a hollow farce made up by tales workings on the illiterate masses. Thus, it is very clear that, democracy is meant for a highly educated country where the masses can understand, think, and view all issues and then give their consent. Besides, a democracy is meant for a highly disciplined country where, the masses know that, all rules and laws are meant to be followed and strictly obeyed. A country where the general public is highly illiterate indisciplined, and in a permanent readiness to break any law made, is, absolutely unfit for a democracy. The opinion of such a public can be of no use for the improvement and progress of the country. To cap it all, where, the highest rung of the ladder, the politician is corrupt and unmeaning, the face of the democracy is destroyed and public opinion is not more than just the view of a few selfish politicians, who only work up sentiments and get the desired opinion.

Thus, we can see that, India is the most unfit country for a democratic set up, and its public hardly fit enough to have any opinion. Above all, the politician here is the most corrupt class, and has intentionally kept the masses uneducated for five decades as, he can play merry hell only when, and till the masses are unaware. The democracy of India is in shambles as, the backbone is too weak to hold the system its full lease. To summarise, the democracy, in India, the twins of democracy and public opinion are both dead, or at least taking their life breaths from some internal strengths.

Arun K has been building websites for many years and runs a number of successful websites. He is the owner of Kerala Backwaters Further articles can be found on his website at SMS Jokes.

Lead Toy Recalls Continue While Congress Piddles, Parents Urged to Fill Gap With Advocacy, Vigilance

With all the attention on lead in toys after the seven Mattel/Fisher-Price recalls in 2007, you might have assumed the issue was resolved. Think again. From January through June 2008, the there have been more than 50 recalls of over a million products due to high lead content. The vast majority of these recalled products are children’s products.

The latest was a recall of children’s camouflage(!) pajamas with leaded paint from The Children’s Place. Last month, Disney Tinkerbelle wands, Pirates of the Caribbean sleeping bags, Rawlings batting helmets, and children’s brightly painted storage bins sold at Lowes were recalled because they violate the US lead paint standard. Inexpensive children’s jewelry and other similar metal items continue to be recalled regularly.

Why should this register on your very full parent-radar? Just one instance of ingesting lead can permanently harm a child, potentially lowering his or her IQ and impulse control, among other things. Yet many children do not show obvious symptoms. If not identified by a blood test, lead poisoning can continue undetected for years.

Why do lead recalls continue unabated? Chinese manufacturers as well as manufacturers in many other developing countries have used lead paint on wooden and plastic toys for years because it makes the paint last longer and it’s inexpensive. Many continue to sidestep US protocols against the use of lead, putting profit above child safety. Current product inspections can’t possibly catch every product that contains lead.

So parents must do two things: we must be advocates and we must be vigilant. If Congress were to pass legislation that imposes hefty fines on importers of products that violate the US lead paint standard, I think we’d find violations plummeting.

House Resolution 4040 and Senate Bill 2663 are two measures that would increase penalties for violations of lead content standards from $ 1.25 million to $20 million, require third party testing, reduce the number of allowed parts per million from 600 to 100 and increase the budget of the Consumer Public Safety Commission.

But even after parents whose children were lead poisoned by toys visited Washington to tell their stories, the bills are treading water in Congress. HR 4040 has passed the House and is in conference. Representatives Dingell, Waxman, Rush, DeGette, Schakowsky, Barton (TX), Whitfield (KY), and Stearns are the House conferees. S 2045 passed the Senate and then was replaced by S 2663, which has not yet come up for a vote. Senator Harry Reid controls the calendar for senate votes. Congress meets for only 2 ½ more months this year, so please take a moment to contact your elected officials to help push these measures through. You can check the website Open Congress and the Center for Justice and Democracy for the latest information.

The Wall Street Journal reports that as many as twelve states have grown weary of waiting on Congress and are working on their own varying standards, which means confusion for manufacturers and eventually higher priced toys.

Either way, it’s too late to have new standards in place to affect toys being made for the 2008 Christmas season. So in the meantime, parents need to become ever-vigilant experts at minimizing the risk of lead poisoning to our children.

Vigilance means keeping up with lead related recalls of toys, children’s jewelry, children’s clothing and more by watching the news regularly and frequently checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall announcements and product safety alerts here: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html But since there is a recall every few days, something you already own could contain lead. So vigilance means keeping all toys out of children’s mouths as much as humanly possible.

Vigilance also means avoiding toys, shower curtains, clothing etc. that have a strong chemical smell because they are probably made of PVC, a material that often includes lead. If you buy US or European made toys, you’ll decrease the risk greatly, though they are hard to find these days.

But because lead accumulates in the body, we can’t restrict our vigilance to toys and other children’s products. Lead is everywhere in our environment. Electronic components contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals. So, as tempting as it is when a child is crying, don’t let small children play with cell phones, remote controls, batteries and other similar electronic items until they are old enough to keep them out of their mouths.

Did you know that porcelain bathtubs and sinks can leach lead, especially if the enamel is worn, chipping or stained? If you want to know for sure whether your tub is leaching lead, you can pick up an inexpensive test kit at a hardware store. You might be surprised at what you find. Many bathtub refinishers say that the majority of the tubs they examine test positive for lead. Until you know for sure, don’t let your child drink bath water. Keep all sponges, brushes and anything else you use to clean the tub and sink in child-proof cabinets because they will end up in a toddler’s mouth in a flash.

Ceramic dishes with lead glaze and lead crystal are additional sources of lead poisoning, including leaded glass in doors. Many Christmas light cords, some off-brand crayons, some cosmetics and home remedies, and even some candies made outside the US contain extremely high levels of lead.

Don’t let children chew on any painted surfaces and keep paint chips off the floor because the paint may contain lead. Children should be removed from a house built before 1980 that is being sanded for repainting. Vinyl materials like window blinds can contain lead, so keep them out of little mouths.

The burning of leaded gasoline until 1996 emitted lead into the air which settled everywhere in the soil and dust. So don’t let children eat dirt. Wash children’s hands several times a day and especially after playing outside to remove any traces of lead they may have picked up from our ubiquitous lead-laden dirt and dust.

Bottom line: Try not to let children put anything in their mouths unless you are positive it does not contain lead. I recognize that’s a major challenge, but to be safe, look at everything with a skeptical eye. And educate older children about the things they can do to minimize their own lead exposure.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children aged one and two deemed to be at risk receive blood lead level tests. Until recently, the CDC recommended universal screening but scaled back that recommendation due to cost effectiveness in 1997. But because of the prevalence of lead in our environment, all children really are at risk. Some pediatricians conduct these tests, but many don’t. If yours doesn’t, you can and should request it. These simple tests have detected high lead levels in children never suspected of having lead poisoning.

Parents have to be vigilant about so many things. But don’t let lead slip through the cracks. Our vigilance does make a difference!

Patty Bates-Ballard is a writer and editor who advocates respect for the earth and its people. The owner of WordSmooth, she has operated her own business from her Dallas home since 2002, while raising her two sons, Kory and Kaden.

Prior to forming her own business, Patty was the Director of Diversity for the Greater Dallas Community Relations Commission, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving race relations in the DFW Metroplex. Over her 15 years of employment with the GDCRC, she developed and delivered diversity training to a wide range of organizations, corporations and school districts. Patty is a trained mediator who has helped mediate conflict and facilitate public meetings for school districts, corporations and governmental entities.

Patty’s extensive human rights work has given her a deep appreciation and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity that informs all of her endeavors. She has developed a curriculum called “Socha” used by school districts, corporations and non-profits designed to help “Sow, Cultivate, and Harvest” their organization’s full potential.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Patty_Bates-ballard

How to Get Universal Health Care

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama say they believe in giving Americans universal health care. I don’t believe them. Anyone who takes the time to understand universal health care should conclude that only a simple single payer system will reform the current outrageous system that benefits the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

The contorted plans from Clinton and Obama are not sufficient reforms. And what John McCain has proposed is sheer nonsense and by itself should cause any conscious American to avoid voting for him.

Fights for health care system reform are centered in Congress, as if legislators will do what they have never done before: achieve true, major and systemic reforms that only serve the public interest, not lobbyists and campaign contributors from business sectors.

Both Clinton and Obama believe that Americans have a moral right to universal health care. If this is correct and if this is what you believe, then achieving universal health care that covers absolutely everyone by making health care affordable to absolutely everyone, as it is in many other nations, requires a different kind of government action. What exactly?

We must expand the Bill of Rights as embodied in the US Constitution to include the right to affordable universal health care. The time has come for the public to conclude that the right to universal health care is as important and necessary as the right to free speech and all the other beloved constitutional rights. Common sense says that health care is a right, not a privilege.

After all, what good are our current constitutional rights if you are ill or dying prematurely because of a lack of good health insurance? Certainly the pursuit of happiness cannot be successful when individuals are suffering from poor health because of inadequate health care.

Why would sensible, caring Americans be against a constitutional right to universal health care? Are there people who would stand up and publicly condemn the right of all Americans to have first rate health care? The only ones I can imagine doing this are those now benefiting financially from the current unjust system, those blocking necessary congressional actions.

What Obama and Clinton should explicitly and loudly advocate is a constitutional amendment that makes universal health care a nonnegotiable right of all Americans.

Why has no member of Congress submitted legislation to get Congress to propose such an amendment for ratification by the states? Clearly, the only rational answer are the many business interests that have corrupted Congress and that benefit from the current system. The Constitution provides an alternative.

Article V provides an option never used in the entire history of the US, because Congress has refused to obey the Constitution and respect state requests. The Article V convention option was put in the Constitution because the Founders and Framers believed that one day Americans would lose trust and confidence in the federal government. With 81 percent of Americans believing the nation is on the wrong track and with so many millions of Americans lacking good health insurance and care, that day has surely arrived. And with abysmally low levels of confidence in Congress and the president, an Article V convention – a temporary fourth branch of the federal government – is clearly the right path to obtaining a universal health care amendment. A convention of state delegates could debate such an amendment and if they agreed to propose it, then the standard ratification by three-quarters of the states would still be necessary.

Yes, this would probably take a few years. But it would be worth it. The prospect of Congress, even with Clinton or Obama as president, achieving universal health care without business-friendly loopholes faster than the amendment approach is not good. The process of pursuing such an amendment, moreover, would help keep pressure on Congress to do the right thing.

If this sounds reasonable and necessary, then learn the truth about the Article V option at http://www.foavc.org and start talking up a universal health care amendment that Hillary and Obama should support.

[Contact Joel S. Hirschhorn through http://www.delusionaldemocracy.com – he is a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention.]

Diamond Minds, Metro Europe – Libya Wants In!

When we see and hear leaders of Europe on a British television, it is refreshing to hear such diamond thinking. What they say has great and good events coming at us, even through all the gloom of the moment. They speak to a delegate from Russia, and from Serbia, and we hear of their amazing brilliant thinking. Their minds are of peace and so beyond those of the warrior man from Russia and the man from Serbia. The man from Russia, we know, is there as ethnic bully big brother Slav to protest that Kosovo wants to be an independent state, as the population is 90 percent Albanian, not Serb.

As with elsewhere we can think of, Serbia insists that Kosovo is their core and heart, and their heart will not beat without it. And we can recall that a decade ago tanks from Russia did arrive in Belgrade, and we all bombed around them, so to speak, until, mercifully they drove back to Russia. That was when Ivan the Bear was weak and poor. Now his vaults are spilling surplus from the oil and gas to Europe, he is expanding, getting more angry.

And, as always Emperor Fudd of America, blasting his huge gun at everything in the forest except Bugs bin Laffin, wants to set missile sites closer to Moscow. The sites in Turkey are much closer to Iran, so why this provocation towards Russia? Uncle Sam the lesser says to point at way far away at Iran, you understand, Ivan. Ivan does understand all too well. And the vacuous lump of coal in the brain of our leader, who seems to take us for the fools he shows himself to be, as leads us closer to a new unneeded, not affordable fire again. Compared to his diamond of a father, who helped bring down that wall, and ensured peace on earth in his time,a lump of coal followed a diamond.

But give the devil his due. With all that the horror George Bush has inflamed in the mid east, we should all notice how in one way, he stumbled over another terrorist problem he did not yet have in his sights. But one brilliant mind sensed he soon would, and that was a mortal enemy until recently of the west. And I refer to how the world did get at least this one benefit out of the hell of Iraq. It is fact that once long ago, Ronald Reagan had amazed us with a rocket attack on the personal home of the leader of Libya. It killed several of the leaders of the family, and terror actions easily linked to Libya began to go down.

To me, Ronald Reagan’s proudest hour, when he amazed us all with his God like strike at this man linked to recent horrible attacks at a nightclub in Berlin. If Germany not dare slap, America could, would, and did speak of the sanctity of life and those who mock it. And every American, and many others, whatever their unrest at other Reagan policies, stood tall with Ron. As Reagan looked into the eyes of the camera, and right into the eyes of that man who had missed this missile attack by a hair, and you knew would be watching for Reagan’s words. He had just felt his sword. And when Ronnie said “You can run, but you can’t hide”, we all knew we had Clint Eastwood after a bad guy, and it felt good to be on the side of right.

And now, while George Bush has just cost the 4,000th American life, as well as the looting and loss to humanity of precious artifacts of the earliest civilization, why not go home. This British independent panel of leaders of the mid east has generally agreed that American safety decreases by the hour. Mission accomplished, go home. When weapons of mass destruction were no longer the point, at least there was was satisfying scene of Saddam down in his hole in the ground, pistol in his lap, surrendering quietly, to extend his grand life just that little bit longer, I wondered what that leader of Libya was thinking. A brilliant mind, long so full of anger at the west, saw himself soon, coming out of some hole he had better plan better than Saddam.

And within weeks, Libya had announced that it was denouncing all weapons of mass destruction, and that it dismantling a modest nuclear project it had been working on. It wanted to join with the west in building to the future. American oil giants, including one who had quietly been in talks about their oil rights in Libya, long put on hold, could re apply for exploration. Such discussions have begun. So this is a positive, and leads back to our point.

Those European gentlemen at that table in Europe, startled the Serb and frightened Ivan the bear when they saw not only Serbia and Kosovo inside the EU, but all those last bits down there of Europe, on their way to Istanbul. And they caused much amazement when they said they could see, a greater wide Europe, including north Africa as with Rome, sea to sea to sea. And this forward thinking is led in part by the fact the the one rotating presidency of Europe this year is the first time held by the first of old Yugoslavia to meet standards of civilization and rule of law to join Europe.

And what about when the rotating presidency of Europe requires a first leader from north Africa, their turn, usually one they would really want in, such as one with massive unexplored oil reserves. So who suspects no longer skulking, but emperor clad, a Libyan Caesar for one whole new year, the President for the Year of Europe. How the mind reels, to imagine that terrorist for decades, so eager to live, could be Charlemagne and Caesar and Churchill for a year. He could wear robes like Caesar, but behave godly, or love of Allah, like Aristotle. And we see that as diamond thinking, and we saw it’s creation from a hellish lump of coal. Allah, and God, can be merciful. Now President Duck, quack back home. Mission accomplished.There is no Sumerian artifact intact, that world is on fire for years, go home.

The President of Metro Europe has the authority of the voices of this wonderful new democracy. Did you know that Libya has the greatest Roman palaces outside Rome, as it was the winter spa for the Emperor of Rome. Who, long before Caesar, was a man born in Libya, and liked to feel rich at home, even his winter retreat. It could make a great winter office spa for those sniffling bureaucrats in Brussels. That that should help that ball along. The cameras are now showing these amazing palaces and great halls, as the rusty door of freedom creaks over. No more Attila, no hat of Napoleon. All hail democratic Caesar, who only gets to speak what we all agree!

Derek Dashwood enjoys the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics and use and wise use of power and how it is shown at It’s Her Diamond, Let Her Pick

Politics And The Economy

The most crucial question in the minds of many Americans and people around the world today is: Who will be the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States this election year? Will it be Illinois Senator Obama, or will it be New York Senator and former First Lady Clinton? Whosoever it is, history is about to be made as Americans are gearing up to elect either the first woman President, or the first African American President of the United States of America.

Let there be no misunderstanding, the Democratic ticket will be Obama-Clinton, or Clinton-Obama. The Democratic Political Strategists would be silly and simply idiotic not to have this ticket to defeat the smooth, seasoned and polished Senator John McCain this November. Let us hope that these two Candidates (Obama-Clinton) will put their egos, self interests or personal aggrandizement aside and embrace what seemed to be a well needed shift in the political culture and socialization in the United States. The mandate of the people has spoken across this Nation. There is no doubt that the American people are ready to embrace change. What is most noble of our democracy is the fact that America’s laws and its people are an evolutionary process and one that is base on necessity. We are always trying to be better. What a country! With a Constitution just over 200 years old, the American people have demonstrated that the color of a man’s skin or one’s gender is of no more significance. What a breath of fresh air to see this young and brilliant African American and woman running for the White House. However, the question still remains, will it happen?

Let us not get carried away by celebrating any victory for the Democrats too fast. We still have those closet racists who still believe in this 21st Century that one’s pigmentation is a factor. How they will vote, we do not know. Then again, we have the black pessimists who still utter words like: “America is not ready for a black President.” How silly. We have the Hispanics who can be very unpredictable. We have the older voters who are set in their ways and generally make up the majority of our voting population. However, with a surge of young voters, will it make a difference in November? Can Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama pull it off this fall?

One thing for sure, the American people are galvanized by this shaky economy, anti war sentiments in Iraq, lack of healthcare, high gas prices at the pump, etc. People are losing their homes and jobs across this Nation in the millions. Those that seek the American dream through diligence are fed up and lost faith in their government. We have seen our noble Veterans begging in the streets and middle class jobs outsourced overseas. It is time to take care of the American people. Let us take care of home first then help where we can in the world after. We cannot afford to boast in our arrogance that we are the greatest Nation on the planet, yet we cannot provide basic healthcare and decent jobs to our citizens. We cannot afford to cast a blind eye to the world however. Let me remind those with short term memories what took place in Germany many years ago. We turned a blind eye to some disgruntled and ignorant folks in Germany at that time called the Brown Shirts. They became a formidable force known as the Nazis under Adolph Hitler that led to the destruction of over 5 million of our Jewish brothers and sisters lives. So while we should take care of America first, we must keep an eye on the world so that something as horrible as this will not repeat itself anywhere again on this planet.

As for Senator John McCain, the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, his service to this Great Republic is first class, invaluable and second to none. I applaud him wholeheartedly for his service to this Nation. I admire his impeccable character and the fact that he is not the conventional politician. He is a “straight shooter.” Senator McCain will say the same thing to people in 10 different rooms. You can rest assured that what he says in Room number 1 will be consistent throughout Room number 10. I like that about him. No one can ever question the veracity of Senator McCain’s words. Undoubtedly, he is the best qualified for Commander in Chief. However, timing might be a factor for this great American Hero. Senator McCain will have to unequivocally convince the American people that he will revitalize the economy, provide healthcare, deal with this immigration issue, create jobs and restore the middle class in order to win this election…straight up. While many Americans are concern about the war on terror and those that want to kill us for our freedom, the American people are crying out for jobs, healthcare, and to save their homes. Owning a home is the core tenet of the American dream. We must restore the American people and promulgate laws that prohibit corrupt banks, mortgage companies, brokers, etc., from taking the American people for a ride.

Come this November, invoke your constitutional rights and vote. Remember that many of your ancestors died for that privilege. Go into that polling booth and vote your conscience. One thing for sure, whether it be Obama, McCain or Clinton, the American people are ready to sacrifice and work with our duly elected President. May God continue to bless the United States of America.

Patrick Pearce is Founder, President and CEO for Southeastern Development & Consulting Group, Inc., a Florida Corporation.

Patrick Pearce earned his BA degree from the City University of New York and his law degree (JD) from Hofstra University School of Law in Hempstead, New York.

Patrick Pearce works as a Consulting and In House Attorney with various Law Firms and Government Offices.
Website: http://www.sdcg1.com
Blogs: http://legalconsulting.wordpress.com

Does Mr. Bush Know What the Word “Democracy” Means?

Once the administration decided, retroactively, that the bringing of democracy to the people of Iraq was the real reason for its invasion and occupation of that country, the word “democracy” has found it way more and more frequently into Mr. Bush’s utterances. But even as he uses it to underscore every bellicose malapropos, one can’t help but wonder if he knows what the term means.

The answer, of course, is that the word “democracy”, (along with assorted other terms and phrases such as “values”, “morals”, “healthy forests”, “clear skies”, and “evil”), has been co-opted by the radical right and given a meaning far from its original. Robert Parry offers us a disturbing peek into what that meaning might be, and what is at stake for all Americans:

“When conservatives talk of George W. Bush’s “transformational” role in American politics, they are referring to a fundamental change they seek in the U.S. system of government in which the Republican Party will dominate for years to come and power will not really be up for grabs in general elections.

Under this vision of a “managed-democracy,” elections will still be held but a variety of techniques will ensure that no Democrat has a reasonable chance to win. Most important will be the use of sophisticated propaganda and smear tactics amplified through a vast conservative media infrastructure, aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream press.”