Crush the US Dollar and Increase the Debt?

I asked in one of my earlier posts if the US Dollar has bottomed or will the US Dollar crash? What I find fascinating… is that common logic …that the US Dollar should have gotten crushed over the weekend. Well it is 5 am and I am drinking my coffee and looking at the CME Globex…and yes the US Dollar is down…but not CLOBBERRED?

Aren’t we all in this together? Isn’t Western Europe having the same issues as the US? One can’t miss the news and see that Russia closed their markets…eventhough they rebounded almost 25% with last weeks feel good rally.

I assume the US Dollars problem is everyone’s problem.

It is clear the Fed is trying to restore confidence, but it is not rocket science to realize that spending $700 billion dollars on tainted all flavored mortgages and $400 billion on money market funds will boost the national debt even further and put us more into debt.

It is PRINT AND TAX time!

Isn’t or Wasn’t the US Dollar the BASTION of security? Maybe it still is regardless of the fact of all our economic problems. It is extremely unsettling that people who paid their bills ..Saved their money in US Dollars and now stand the potential of losing purchasing parity due to the GREED of Wall Street and the banks.

Where were the regulators restricting banks from lending to speculators who would buy a house with no money down…and look to sell it to potentially other investors?

Ok …let’s say the regulators missed that… which is possible… If someone wants to make a stupid loan… Ok great…that is their issue.. But why should we the tax payer, the hard working saver have to bail the banks out for their GREED?

The dollar fell against 14 of the world’s most-traded currencies on Sept. 19 when the FED unveiled their restructuring plan. The feel good rally of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of 4 percent maybe was just that.


Confidence building!

But for who?

I will feel good once we have a strong nation again and a responsible govt who supports the US dollar instead of bailout for the most stupid bankers of this century (probably all time).

How many of you realize that this unprecedented government intrusion into the markets will increase the US debt ceiling by 6.6 percent to $11.315 trillion.

Another nice thought in order to protect our money and hoping to get a return of money……not a return on money.. …that just by putting our money in short term US govt interest rate vehicles we are losing money due to inflation and taxes.

Will the Feds plan end the US Dollar rally that began in June and drove the U.S. currency up 10 percent versus the euro, 2 percent against the yen and almost 13 percent compared with Brazil’s real? I have no idea…However. I would not be surprised if people start looking at the Brazilian Real which has a higher interest rate and in many ways a self sufficient economy.

Andrew Abraham

Who is to Blame For High Gas Prices?

With only the possibility of John McCain and Barack Obama, I would say that whose to blame for high gasoline prices has been the most played news story across every media network over the last month or two. The national average for gasoline peaked earlier this month around $4.11 per gallon or regular 87 octane and has recently come down to about $4.03 per gallon. This obviously is a stark increase from the price range around ~$2.50 that we had seen during 2006 and 2007. The issue becomes even more important than “just an extra” $2.53 per gallon as our economy and lifestyle are based on the consumption of gasoline for transportation. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is who is to blame and how can we fix the problem? Like many other questions concerning energy, the answer is not nearly as simple as the media would have you believe. Warning: The information you are about to read may be completely foreign to you as none of the 6 major media networks have ever reported truthfully on this topic in the past.

It must be the E&P companies, right?

Not as much as you would think. While it is true that the exploration and production companies have to make some profit, when you look at the numbers the results are not as horrifying as you may have previously thought. Let’s take a look at the profit margins of some of the larger E&P companies (all of the numbers are for the trailing twelve months):

* Apache Corp. APA – 29.95%

* Anadarko Petroleum APC – 3.78%

* EnCana Corp. ECA – 14.77%

* Occidental Petroleum OXY – 29.2%

* Suncor Energy Inc. SU – 17.98%

* Microsoft Corp. MSFT – 29.26%

Now its time to play the which one of the above is not an oil and gas E&P company game? If you guess Microsoft, you probably have a bright future ahead of you and I wish you my sincerest congratulations.

This is only one example, Goldman Sachs GS has a profit margin of 23.68% and Intuitive Surgical ISRG has a profit margin of 24.68%. Many of the energy companies actually have lower profit margins than companies in other sectors. They are not the ones that are charging you too much for the goods you rely on, they are just participating in the free market economy and helping you achieve economic satisfaction more so than most of the other companies in the world.

Well then it has to be refiners?

This is definitely the last person who is causing your wallet to thin. The refiners (excluding the major integrated companies that incorporate refining and marketing activities into their overall business structure) bring the least to the bottom line when compared to the other sub-sector of the energy universe. The problem with the refiners is that since they do not produce the oil, they are reliant on spot market prices for the input of their product. This difference is called the crack spread. The crack spread is the margin refiners make when the take a barrel of crude oil and “crack” it into another form, either gasoline, heating distillate, diesel, or a number of other products. Generally crack spreads are quoted in the 3:2:1 ratio, or 3 barrels of crude are cracked into 2 barrels of gasoline and 1 barrel of heating distillate. Recently the crack spread has been in a state of free fall as highlighted by the stock prices of Valero Energy Corp. VLO, and Tesero Corporation TSO falling more than 45% each while the rest of the energy sector rallied.

Gas station owners, thats it!

Unfortunately for gas station owners, they fall into a similar category as the refiners. They do not produce the gasoline, so their input prices are out of the control. Because there is a high level of competition and a bunch of stingy consumers, they are not able to raise prices as quickly as they would need to in order to maintain historical profit margins. More than 1,000 gasoline stations closed in the United States last year, many of which were actually losing money every time they sold you a gallon of gasoline because of the rate at which gasoline spot prices were rising over the last year and a half. You should expect more gas station closing through 2008 and maybe into 2009. The business has become so unprofitable that Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM has recently announced that they are planning to sell at least 2,500 of their company owned gas stations in the United States during the next year, mostly likely at steep discounts to their worth even 3 months ago.

What about the government?

If you read my article concerning McCain’s Gasoline Tax Holiday you would know that the government sponsored gasoline tax really has little to no effect on the price of gasoline that consumers pay at the pump. The government definitely has an indirect effect on the price of gasoline due to the current drilling policies. If all United States territory was opened, not only would the markets discount this news into the future and lower energy commodity spot prices but the supply that would come online within 2-3 years would cause the price to be pushed downward in the long run. There is also a counter argument that some day we may actually need those reserves for something truly important, not just saving you a few dollars per fill up. That type of ethical issue is one that is difficult to address because facts will not allow either side to be completely “right” or “wrong” no matter how long the topic is argued. I’ll let you make your own decision on that one.

Wait a second, it can’t be my fault can it?

Actually, yes it can. The unfortunate news is that we as consumers are the cause for almost all of the rise in gasoline price. It is not just “us,” it is actually consumers all around the world who are driving up the price. Because crude and gasoline trade on global exchanges, it is not just the United States thats affects the prices, contrary to popular belief. Increased demand from India and China as well as the rest of the developing world is one of the major factors contributing to the price inflation. For example, an American used 25 barrels of oil per year while the Chinese only use 3 barrels per person per year and the Indians only use 1 barrel per person per year. Gasoline prices could become really frightening if the rest of the world would demand even 25% of the consumption that we have grown accustom to over the past century.

Another important factor is worldwide inflation. Inflation rates are growing at historically fast rates around the world. The United States has year-over-year inflation growth of 5% (if you believe the government data which many experts are suggesting you should not), China is over 8%, Russia is over 9%, so on and so forth. With all of this extra money, it is easy to see that a good portion of the price appreciation is do to the fact that people have more nominal dollars to spend, even if each one is worth less and less every day.

Our modern American economy is so heavily based on petroleum products to function that there is only a certain amount of demand that can be destroyed at these low levels of gasoline prices (I know that sounds ridiculous to say, but bear with me). Children have to go to school and adults must go to work, no matter the price of gasoline. Use yourself as an example. Would you quit your current job because of gasoline prices? At what price would you consider quitting your job? At what price would you have no choice but to quit your job? For most of you, these numbers are going to be much higher than the current price of gasoline. Many of you would be shocked to believe that gasoline spending per capita is actually only half of the historical high percentage that was reached during the 1910s and the 1980s. Do not believe for any moment that gasoline prices cannot or will not appreciate from here.

So what can we do? Are we doomed?

We are not doomed. I for one am long on the idea that the United States will be able to innovate and solve this problem. The solution won’t come from the government, but from the free markets. Only time and extreme necessity can drive us closer to the solution, but I assure you that one day it will come. I will discuss the solutions in another later article, but you should not feel as if there is no hope for America because there most certainly is going into our bright future.

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Are We Revisiting the 1970’s

Wait long enough the saying goes and everything comes back in fashion. Well I don’t know about you but the pain and suffering being experienced by many people in the UK today is one fashion I could do without.

The press and social commentators are happily comparing now with the financial meltdown that occurred during the 1970’s. So, is it the case that there are parallels between what happened then and the beginnings of what we are experiencing now and are there any lessons that we can learn?

One of the good things that the current Prime Minister did whilst Chancellor of the Exchequer was to make the Bank of England independent. His brief to them was to keep inflation at 2%. If they failed to do so they had to write to him to explain why and tell him what they intended to do to bring it under control.

The Bank of England PPC (public policy committee) have been very successful in keeping inflation within its boundaries, but now they have had to write that letter as inflation rises above three percent. Cast you mind back to the 1970’s when inflation ramped up to nearly 27%.

The reason why inflation is so feared is that costs escalate, and as costs escalate so prices have to rise to ensure profits are maintained. As prices rise, so wages have to rise to enable goods to be bought, this causes inflation to rise again and so the cycle continues. It is unsustainable for businesses facing wage demands from employees seeing the value of their earnings plummet and so this is why inflation is so feared by businesses.

Back in the 1970’s the unions had a lot of power and held the government of the day to ransom. In the 1980’s Margaret Thatcher challenged the power of the unions and many say broke them. She did this to drag the country out of the doldrums it was in and to try to turn it competitive again. In this decade, union and government relations are peaceful and their leadership on the whole responsible.

So whilst the PPC has control over inflation in the country it can do little if anything about global inflation, which is being fuelled by an ever rising price in the barrel of oil, which is now over $140 a barrel. This has been caused in part by speculators, the demand for oil from emerging economies of India and China, and problems with refining capacity across the globe. In the 1970’s we saw this type of situation when OPEC cut production.

In addition we also have a global food crises in which a combination of crop failure and alternative use of land to grow crops such as for bio-fuels, has caused prices of staple foodstuffs such as rice and wheat to be in shorter supply. Certain countries have already experienced food riots.

All this is happening at the same time as banks restrict the availability of credit, due to the problems incurred in the US where banks over lent to sub-prime borrowers, who subsequently defaulted on their home loans. These loans were packaged into billions of dollars of security and traded. When the true nature of the value of these loans was discovered, it caused billions of dollars of losses to global financial institutions. This led to dissolution of their capital bases and the restriction of credit by those institutions both between themselves and the public.

In the UK, the high street, has for a number of years been kept afloat by consumer spending on credit card and other types of credit. Whilst times are good, this credit can be re-paid. The economy needs this activity to continue otherwise growth will stagnate.

In the UK we have also had rising house prices for a decade which has given society a false feeling of wealth. People thought that if they had equity in their property, they could continue to spend as even if they couldn’t repay the installments they could always sell up and repay.

However there is now a major problem with this debt solution as the restriction in credit has meant that mortgages are not available for first time buyers who need a large loan to value. This has prevented many people getting on then housing ladder when coupled with the high prices of housing stock.

The lack of movement in the housing market is causing house prices to fall, maybe by up to 15% this year. With that envisaged, those same people who couldn’t get on the housing ladder, are now waiting to see how far house prices will fall. This is further exacerbating the problem and may well lead to falls in prices last seen in the early 1980s’

An additional problem is that with houses not being sold, builders are unable to shift stock, which has the knock on effect of causing those builders to downsize staff. As more people are made redundant, this has further negative implications and headlines.

With potential inflation and a slowing economy, we face every economist’s worst nightmare. Stagflation.

The economic news every day is gloomy. Nobody is quite sure where this is all going to end. The government argues that the economy whilst experiencing difficult times will not enter recession. Many others argue we are already effectively in one, no matter what the official definition might say. I say if it looks like and recession and feels like a recession…

Hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
Steve Thatcher.
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Rising Oil Prices – What Do They Keep Rising?

What effects oil prices is increasingly a point of debate amongst economists, politicians and investors. The fact is that oil prices have more than doubled in the last 12 months and there are many different arguments as to why the price has risen so dramatically.

Diminishing supplies

One argument states that it is simple supply side economics that is resulting in oil price inflation. It is estimated that we have now extracted and used just over half of the worlds oil supplies. With demand for crude oil higher than ever and showing no signs of slowing this lack of supply only means one thing – higher oil prices.

Political instability

Traditionally this has been one of the main drivers of volatility on oil prices. Most of the worlds oil rich nations tend to be in areas of political instability, the two best examples being the Middle East and Africa.. As a side note many would ague that the reason for instability in these areas is the presence of oil.

The protracted conflict in Iraq, uncertainty surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and the spread of Muslim fundamentalism in Africa all seemingly threaten the future supply of oil to the West. Even though current supplies may be unaffected it is just the threat that pushes prices higher.

Oil speculators

Oil investors or speculators have also been blamed for some of the price rises recently. With rising price as showing no signs of slowing down more and more investors are viewing oil as a good safe place to invest some of their portfolio.

As more investors enter the oil market seeking a piece of the action prices will be forced upwards to some extent. Many skeptics have said that this happens in all bubbles before they burst and draw similarities to the dot com boom when thousands of individuals were blindly investing in companies with very little knowledge hoping to make a quick buck. The big difference is that oil and other commodities are in limited supply and demand is rising thanks to booming Asian economies. This indicates that commodity investors look set to profit for some time yet.

Now is probably the best time to invest in oil.

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The Real Reasons the “Mortgage Meltdown” is Happening

Today, I read an article in the paper that stated HUD was going to implement new rules that would protect home owners from the big bad, predatory lenders. I have been seeing this kind of drivel in the papers and on the evening news for a while now, and I have had enough.

Every good story needs a hero and a villain, and in this case mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers are being made out to be evil, predatory, foul and untrustworthy. Now that is not to say that there are not bad people in the lending business, because every industry has their share of pirates and crooks. People who conduct their business in any other fashion than honorably definitely need to be driven out of the business at a minimum. But, I can attest to my experience over the past 17 years, that the people I have worked with and know in the financial services are good, honest hard working people who truly care about their clients and work very hard to help them.

So, rather than be complacent and not speak the truth, which most people don’t want to hear, and the major media don’t want to discuss. I would like to share what I believe to be the REAL reasons of the so called housing crisis. Stand back, because here it comes, (this has been brewing for a while)

Lack of Jobs, Loss of industry, ridiculous taxes on businesses and payroll, insane gas prices, a lack of domestic oil production and refining capacity because of weird and wacky environmentalism, food costs going through the roof, inflation numbers that are cooked to look good, credit card debts that are out of control, credit card payments that were doubled in 2007 by the governments own rules, a banking industry that could care less about the damage it creates; much less be held accountable for it, repeated Fed rate increases to stop inflation (which according to them wasn’t really happening but could happen), Alan Greenspan recommending adjustable rate mortgages be offered by mortgage lenders in greater numbers, recommending that lenders offer the chance to own a home to people with damaged credit, a mindset that the American public is too dumb and cannot make good decisions about their own finances and therefore, should not be held responsible for any of their decisions, and last but not least…

Drum roll please….. a government that is so out of touch with the people, it is utterly ridiculous to think they can solve the problem when they have actually created it. The national motto is “In God We Trust” but no matter how pious you are, the Almighty didn’t cause this mess and chances are, he won’t be the one to fix it. Rather, we are somehow supposed to make the leap, once again, that the government can stop their own carnage and solve our problem(s). The truth is that they ARE the problem or at least the largest part of it.

The image of the Department of Housing and Urban Development riding in on a white steed, frantically waving additional regulations to save the day, is enough to make a person wretch. Call me silly, but to me, it is tantamount to letting a convicted thief come in to your home and charge you to explain how HE would rip you off under the guise of helping you to protect yourself. He still got your cash, the question is how you feel about it once it is done. Closing the barn door AFTER the horse is out is not exactly foresight.

The truth is, we need to return to a common sense approach to our money, our government, and taxes. My grandfather lived to the great old age of 99, and was the wisest person I have ever met. He once told me as he sat in his favorite rocking chair, “You know, common sense just ain’t all that common these days.”

I wonder what he would think about what’s going on. Somehow, I think he would tell us to get back to basics. Pay cash, don’t borrow, get the government out of your pocket and solve your own problems. It is a mistake to think the government is going to actually solve a problem. If you look at most of our problems as a nation, education, retirement programs, medicare to name a few; it is because the government is involved that you actually have the problem. “We the People” are the solution.

The first thing we need to do is buy back our country. We don’t actually own the companies that made us a great nation anymore. Most of us might own shares in mutual funds or 401(k) plans where we don’t actually have voting rights. But we are not active participants in our own economy other than to borrow, borrow, borrow some more. So, decisions on manufacturing operations that affect real Americans and their livelihoods are based on getting the highest level of return. Whether or not it is destroying American families and this country is irrelevant. It is all about the almighty dollar and not the Almighty, in whom we have placed our trust to protect us. We need to protect us from ourselves. The bottom line is that we created a great country once, and I believe we can do it again and we better get started pronto.

James Setters

DebtMasters, LLC

The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

So you like the idea of solar energy, but you’re not sure that you know enough about the negative aspects? It’s true that many sellers of the technology would like to gloss over the less palatable aspects, but our comprehensive list below will keep you well informed. We think that the positive aspects of solar power and energy use greatly outweigh the negatives, and to help you decide for yourself here are the pros and cons of solar energy.

The negatives include:

* The worst thing about solar energy is that it is typically expensive to install. This means that the effective cost of the power is high compared with just buying it from your local utility company.
* Solar panels can take up a lot of space.
* You may find that your roof is not at a good orientation or angle to the sun, which would make the installation on your roof less effective or not possible.
* You can’t make solar power at night, so you have to have a way to store it.
* Your power output will also be affected by bad weather.

On the other hand, here are the positives:

* The greatest thing about solar energy is that it is virtually free to use.
* Solar energy causes no pollution when you generate it.
* You can get financial incentives from the government to help you pay for your system.
* Companies are starting to produce rental plans that allow you to avoid the large capital costs.
* There was a law passed a couple of years ago that allows you to “sell” your excess power back to the utility, reducing or eliminating your bills, and covering your need for power at night.
* You don’t need to order any fuel to be delivered to your house, and you can’t run out.
* Solar power does not suffer from inflation and increasing prices.
* Typically there are no or few moving parts to a solar installation, cutting down on maintenance.
* Solar power can be generated anywhere, even if there is no local electrical supplier, so you can have power in remote areas.
* Using solar power reduces the amount of fossil fuel burnt, and decreases greenhouse gas creation.

Some of the “cons” above about solar energy can be solved. For example, you can get government grants (depending on your location), or even rent your system to avoid the capital cost.

Undoubtedly, solar energy technology is here to stay and it’s future looks even more promising!

Learn more about using Solar Panels to power your home.

Reorganizing Health Care Is Not Socialized Medicine – It’s Inevitable

You see, the global enterprises and endeavors of companies such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology companies, certain medical professions, those in positions of power paid for by global entities, and a multitude of other corporate greed driven systems for health care services are pushing this nation into something that could have been avoided. Through their greed, their ignorance of societies basic needs, and of the natural human degenerative process; the winds of change can be heard. They watch quantitative numbers that represent people’s lives and profits but, the subjective and qualitative economic burdens placed on persons lives are ignored.

They adamantly display arrogance and social psychological deception, through the utilization of our own patriotism, nationalism and Americanism. We must do what the rest of the world has done! Not to globalize, but to survive (with our own unique system that’s better). Regardless, if you think tampering with today’s medical system is wise, will work, or will be profitable for some and not for most is irrelevant…it must be done. We have no choice….it is a matter of survival… our families survival, our economic, our physical, our psychological, our emotional, our political and our Nations survival….we must reorganize medicine. They have given no choice…they still do not hear our voices; “the price is still too high” in comparison to our income, in comparison to inflation, our standards of living (which is being taken away by global trade policies and other systems of greed and corruption) and our abilities to provide! Simply stated, health care is simply unreasonably priced based upon our depleting resources. It’s a catch twenty two – and something must and will be done; it’s a natural reaction to survival.

Americans are the hardest working people on the planet with the fastest decreases in their standard of living in the history of industrialization. In comparison to the access to medical technology and expensive health care, we may at times think we have better access to technology and treatment, but birth mortality rates, treatments for certain diseases and life expectancy currently for Americans places us at the bottom of the global list. Simply put, our health care system compared to other countries does not measure up for what we are paying for! You probably will not live as long as a European; and their health care is free! You won’t live as long because you are too busy working, stressed out, depressed and ignored in order to pay outrageous health care cost for yourself, your family or illegal aliens… this will ultimately lead to the demise of your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Middle class and lower class stratified Americans are getting the shaft for the most part, and many are tired of it! You see it in the voting reports, you see it in their political participation, you see it in the way they have isolated themselves within their communities…it’s obvious, Americans are doing whatever it takes to survive and this is destroying what America has always meant to Americans and to the world. America has always been about hope, opportunity, to own something, to take pride in something and the ability to maintain a decent quality of life for ones self and their families. To know that your family will be covered if there is an accident “beyond your control” and to have security that if something does happen you will not have to claim bankruptcy and go into economic distress in order to pay the bills (creating larger barriers).

This is why America is great – because this life in America is supposed to have some major benefits compared to the rest of the world…. it is supposed to have some adequate level of security. Without covering ones basic needs…security does not exist. When one goes to college (does as society expects), works two jobs and still cannot afford health care, or the occupation they work does not cover health care expenses, or the person works for twelve dollars an hour but has to pay for two thirds of his health care leaving him really with eight dollars an hour, unable to spend time with his family because he has to work two jobs to simply survive (why are families crumbling…mmm?) … where is this person’s security, opportunity, hope and motivation to make America great?

A person’s occupation is their identity and may be due to geography, sociology, genealogy or psychological reasons – not simply choice (I wish it were that easy). Only so many technology jobs exist, only so many nursing jobs exist, only so many jobs support a decent quality of life even for the educated and uneducated…what happens when all the good paying, good benefit jobs are taken (I mean good – in that they support a families needs and future)? Others have to work the rest of the jobs in America, and if those jobs represent no security, no benefits, no future for marriage or family…then Americas leaders are telling us loud and clear…most of America does not matter, America’s families do not matter, most of America can suffer, most of America can live insecure, inconsistent and unstable lives. Most of America is not America at all… but something else that is less valuable than we….the elites.

Read Carefully Fellow Leaders – Hear Your Message

If adults in a family quit providing the processes or opportunities for family members to secure their basic needs, how long do you think that family would stay together? It is a simple sociological fact…they would not stay together but dissolve into stagnation. If the children would not be taken care of when sick, when incapacitated, when hungry…would this not be neglect according to our own state law? Is our government committing sociological neglect due to the ignoring and purposeful inaction upon making sure that social members can secure affordable health care (a basic need) for their family? Are they not as a neglecting parent choosing pleasurable activities (profits) over taking care of the future generations of America? You decide. I feel that they are indirectly neglecting the needs of a society and this neglect will be the demise of the American way of life. If our own leaders care not of America – then why should common citizens? Who better to begin anarchy than the leaders themselves? You decide. The natural processes will not be denied. Americans are living, breathing beings with wonderful potential…and neglecting their needs will only bring turmoil.

To not assist a societies members as a government, as a groups leaders with such pressing needs to make a basic need affordable for all, is to say……….work, work, work, toil, toil, toil, compete, compete, compete, perform, perform, perform, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, give up marriage, work two jobs and give up your family, contradict everything you have ever been raised to comply, and when you break down (which you will – its biological and inevitable), when your children need their fathers and mothers at home, when the ones you care about break down, when your so stressed and over whelmed, when your working, working, working and can barely meet your basic needs, when you need counseling or mental health consultation due to psycho individualistic reactions (anxiety / depression) due to the socio environmental impacts (social and economic stress)…we don’t care…go into bankruptcy paying for your basic needs (creating more barriers for those who already suffer), may you beg for the money in time to make sure your son gets the bone marrow transplant before he dies…because even knowing you were a cooperative social member, even knowing you follow all the rules, even knowing you did what society expected…your not worth keeping in society, your not worth being healthy, your not worth it to our America to make sure your life is secure enough to compete. You are not a worthy American.

This message to real Americans from our so called leaders and globalist angers everyone I know – and many are reading between the lines.

Was America not founded on competition? And our own leaders deny us the consistency and security to meet our basic needs so we can compete? Fools! No wonder mental health clinics are full of people needing pharmaceutical prescriptions and in need of someone to speak with regarding their anguish and psychic pain; all the while they are fighting with the insurance company to cover their therapy and cannot even afford their Prozac and Zanex…how outrageous and disgusting these global corporation and the leaders they own in Congress have become!

Nearly every industrialized nation on earth either has a medical system that is free to members of society or at least subjectively affordable. I propose a system in which does not deny any advancement of technology to any American – regardless of class or creed. We should all pay a percentage based upon our social position; this is the only equitable and nature sustaining solution.

Friends, let me be frank with you (as if I have been withholding – lol). Global companies and corrupt leaders are using Americans, manipulating Americans and profiting from Americans bad circumstances and basic needs within one of the last industrialized systems that allows them and gives them the freedom to do so. The rest of the world has wised up to these processes.

These evil greed driven systems see you as a quantitative number. You are not one with real regard, emotions or life. They ignore qualitative data (what your real emotion, circumstances and needs are)…unless it relates to how they can persuade you into choosing them as your provider or leader. These persons, leaders and systems for which I speak have no real need to be loyal, to worry about your sons and daughters or your future for that matter. They know that they will just give their own family a job at their multi-billion dollar company or through the good old boy system for which to help out anyone of their emotionally laden relationships…they have no insecurity of loss, no national loyalty, they are globalist and they have no compassion or humility.

So clearly, if they do not care for anyone but themselves…they do not really care for America. They are not Americans. They are not simply rich people either – this is not a rich bashing session – far from it. There are many great and wonderful wealthy Americans and more power to them. These evil doers are the ones destroying and denying America by neglecting her basic needs, a decent quality of life and a secure future to be healthy. They are denying Americans what Americans and even our beloved veterans believe they are working for, suffering for and dying for. They utilize terms like “socialized medicine” to scare the common American away from thinking that any type of reorganizing of the current medical system is communistic, socialistic and will destroy America as we know it!

Well, let me say that the current system, and the players who are clearly benefiting have no regard, no understanding, no plan or purpose in changing – and they my friends are paying politicians plenty and making billions on your degenerating bodies.

What could be more of a persuasion to change a system than that?

I ask you fools ruining America! How long do you think it will be before Americans figure out that the dream has become a night mare, and that hope has become strife? That you care not of their lives or family and that change is long over due?

Trust me, I tell you the truth…it won’t be long.

Americans are much smarter than you give them credit for; they simply have immense patients and want to believe the good in others. But, when they finally smell that rat stealing their cheese… well lets just say this…Americans always have a way of getting things done…bringing change…for that I am hopeful.

And done you will be.


A real American.

L.J. Riley Jr. is a Michigan native, a graduate of Davison High School, a graduate of the U.S. Army Combat Infantry School, Bradley Fighting Vehicle School and Dragon Missle School. L.J. or John Riley is a combat veteran and served in Oper. Desert Shield / Storm. He left the military and enrolled at Mott Community College, graduating with Phi Theta Kappa and pursuing a BSW at the University of Michigan Flint where he won the “Maize and Blue” Scholar Award. L.J. then was accepted to the one year Masters program at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor MSW Program for clinical social work. He graduated in 2007 with a 4.0 and the acceptance of the Howard and Judith Simms Fellowship. L.J. loves people, loves helping people and seeks to change lives directly and in-directly through his writing.

Laverne John Riley Jr.