Close the Schools – Save the Children

I’ve been reading about the high cost of diesel fuel for school buses and I’ve got a rather radical plan about education. I have a plan to save millions–no BILLIONS in property taxes every year. Why can’t kids telecommute to class? Colleges give degrees online, why can’t schools do the same thing? Why do we need school buses? Why do we even need schools any more? Do you realize how much we could save if we dumped all the schools, fired the teachers and gave each kid a laptop with a Kindergarten CD–the do the work and pass a test that is at the back of the CD at the end of the “school year” and then they get a 1st grade CD and so on all the way through high school graduation, take the high school test and then go on to college online.

Each child would work at his or her own pace in the safety and comfort of their own home, no teasing or bullying and if they need help, there would be a virtual teacher (or maybe even a real one) to help them with whatever they were having problems with. The cost of the CDs would be minimal–about $2 each and the entire curriculum for each year could be placed on each CD. A child would pop the CD into the laptop, go to a website to view a video on that day’s lesson, then do the exercise in the lesson on the computer and have it graded instantly.

They must complete the exercise lesson before they can go on to the next lesson on the CD, you could restrict access by making the program password protected and the child doesn’t get the password for the next lesson until the previous one is completed successfully and then the CD gives the child the password for the next lesson. At the end of each week, there is a test on the lessons that the child must pass in order to get the password for the next week’s lesson. Every month there is a major test that must be passed before the child moves on. There would be no reason for brick and mortar schools or teachers, administrators, insurance, school lunches, school buses, playgrounds, or anything else. The savings in taxes would be tremendous and the kids wouldn’t have to worry about being bullied, or shot or molested by rogue teachers.

There would be no teenage pregnancy, no detentions, no missed school buses, no competition for who had the coolest whatever and the students would have the benefit of having a first class education. If the student didn’t successfully complete the prescribed course work by the end of the term then s/he would have to continue all summer in order to keep up with their class in the fall and social promotions would be unnecessary because there’s no one to make fun of a slow learner. Children who wished to graduate earlier could go to school year round or do more work to get their education completed in less time and colleges could do the same thing–most colleges now offer online classes now anyway. Going to a brick and mortar school is an obsolete concept and should be ended. Children would socialize through activities with their parents in their communities and juvenile crime would be a thing of the past. Close public libraries too–no one needs them, we have the internet to do research–put the Library of Congress online and everyone would have access. Virtual field trips would be to places like the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa instead of to a crummy local museum. Kids would have a much better education and the taxpayers would not have to pay the outlandish property taxes they are paying now.

The savings would be astronomical!! Every child would be issued a laptop and an internet access card–like a prepaid phone card–at age 6 and given the CD for kindergarten beginning on the first September 1 (after their 6th birthday) and would have to complete all the coursework by June 1 of the following year in order to be promoted to first grade–which would mean being given the CD with the first grade coursework. Of course a gifted and/or motivated child could receive the next grade’s CD early if they completed the previous grade’s coursework sooner than June 1 or if they wanted to get ahead by continuing to go to virtual school during the summer.

This is an absolutely simple concept and it would be very easy to do. It would be so much cheaper to issue each child a laptop and provide internet access–look at all the parents who are homeschooling their children using this concept! $500 for each laptop and $50 for the entire elementary, middle and high school curriculum on CDs is dirt cheap compared to the cost of building and operating schools, paying teachers and all the other employees,operating school buses, paying for insurance, fuel for the buses and to heat and cool the schools. It’s the way of the future! Wake up and smell the 21st century! Stop preparing the leaders of tomorrow with the educational traditions of the 18th century!!

The author, Teri Davis Newman resides in the metro St. Louis area and is a wedding planner. She also owns and operates a nationally recognized limousine service. She answers questions on etiquette, social situations, sex, fashion, food, wine and general advice on her blog as an off-the-cuff running commentary on any subject that annoys, amuses or aggravates her.

Are Women To Rule The Human Race By Controlling Sex And Money?

Women are appointed to be the temptress of the human race. Women hold the key to most crimes in the world. Are women to blame? Or are men just weaklings?

Women hold the purse strings and control your sex life. You say not? What do you think might happen if men decide where and how to spend the money and where to have their sexual desires satisfied?

Eighty percent or more of the entire jail population are locked up because of these two women dominated commodities, sex and money. Women rule both. The main crimes are easily money theft, sexual murder and assault, never mind rape.

If women ruled our planet would the control of these commodities be shared more equitably and the abuse be less?

Don’t call for my castration please; I am merely focusing opinion at that which is generally unspoken but widely acknowledged amongst society at large, and I dare say if it is not, let’s wake up. Having admitted my allegiance to this thought, how can I possibly love women? Problem is, I like most men am what God created me to be, the hunter.

Are women truly from Venus?

Here are some general facts (or opinions) about women. Many men will deny their agreement in public; but in their inner bosom there is no denial. After all the fact are there for all to see.

• Gentlemen prefer blondes

• Brunettes start blonde jokes to discredit blonds, because gentlemen prefer blondes.

• Women travel 10 km to save $0.50 on a product advertised as being sold at a special price, but it well costs $5.00 in gasoline to get there.

• Women will buy something not because they need it, but because it is a bargain.

• Women suffragettes burnt their bra because they wanted to be treated like men.

• Women believe that the world would be a better place if they were the rulers of this planet. (I think they should be given the opportunity , men have cocked it up good and proper, can’t get any worse.)

• Make love not war is a better motto than kill for oil.

• Women control about 80% of the spending power of a household, if not more. Thus they control the bulk of the general public’s spend.

• Women to a large extent wear slacks, jeans and the like. Are they aiming to proof a point? (like who wears the pants) I’m sure there will be lots of denials. Generally I’d say men prefer minni-skirts.

• Women dress sexily to show off their bodies, when men take notice they get reported for sexual harassment.

• Woman was the original temptress of the world, (remember the apple?) Nothing has changed today. Men get tempted and condemned for it.

• Women allow their husbands to be the men of the house as long as it is with their approval, and preferably not to frequently.

• Women spend what men work for. (Ooops, that’s a little controversial)

• Women control the greatest crime causing commodities in the world, money and sex, but men commit the most crimes to beget these commodities.

If a census were to be taken at the country’s jails I have no doubt that 80% or more of the inmates’ crimes were perpetrated in a quest to control or to get one of the two women controlled peripherals. women or money. Possibly even both of the enumerated factors.

A weapon, which is often used by women in defence of being called the weaker sex, is the observation that Our Lord first created men and than noticed some serious flaws, so to perfect his creation He made women. In today world, I think some women truly believe this.

There are no doubt many more general observations about women one could make, but this suffices, I have made the point, which demonstrates the general consensus amongst men when they talk away from women ears.

Most men will quietly admit to most of the women fads as enumerated. I wonder how many men will have the guts to write and agree with me. I’ve given the address at the foot of the article. Come on, don’t leave me in this alone, all men and women have opinions on this subject.

No wonder some great author said that women are aliens from Venus.

The other side of the coin

• Women must often have double the qualification for the same job as men and then they still get paid less because they are female. Is this just? Are they short of some sort of inherent ability although they have more academic qualifications? Or are men hell bent on keeping them bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen?

• Women are more loyal employees than men.

• Women can multi task better then men.

• Women are great to hand the screaming baby too.

• Women are more loyal than men.

• Women cope better with a crisis than men.

There is a under current amongst women, complaining that nowadays men have the headaches, what happened? Let me enlighten the women who believe they are under supplied.

Men are now 50% housewife since women are in full time employ. Women please take note now that you are in full day employ and expect the husbands to do 50% of the motherly duties, nothing against that, but please, we must change nappies and get up at 2 am to warm the babies bottle etc., Why should we not be entitled to the occasional head ache?

In fact, the whole of creation is upside down, look at your teenage daughter, at the age of 14 or 15 possibly even younger they are chasing boys. Should not the men be the hunter? I think so. Look at nature the way God created it. Males are the hunters, but note, only successful if the women gives permission. Women in control.

What happened to the “Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” brigade of women? What has changed? I’ll tell you what has changed, greed, we all want bigger homes, better cars etc. It’s the keeping up with the Joneses syndrome which is the problem. to achieve this wives have had to become economically active. I’m not saying I liked women better when barefoot etc, no, I’m asking a question, who has the answer?

Men, your world is changing, women are taking over, and you are not about to stop the avalanche. In fact they will more than likely shortly rule America. Who cares? They can not do any worse then men. Or can they? Is Venus in the same state of chaos as planet earth?

Here is some tangible proof that women are widely recognised as the temptresses of the world as ever they were.

If women are not, why does a manufacturer of great Italian vehicles have to have a scantily clothed, sexy women present at their exhibit at the Earls Court Motor Show, right on the rotating platform? Because women are a star attraction, pretty, shapely women attract men, and the advertiser hopes that on the off chance they may even notice the car. Women, remain ever the temptress, and this fact is well exploited by the emperors of commerce. She tempts men, she draws them closer to come and look. (At what?)

I’ve said enough, or just about. Men, do you know that the greatest slice of internet money is taken home by women? ( have to get my wife operative at this). I wonder why, if in commerce they are remunerated at a lesser level for similar professions? It appears that they are taking over. The internet is the world’s largest market place. It is the only place I know where you often do not know with whom you are transacting. Does this indicate that women are discriminated against because of the misnomer, “weaker sex?”

Internet seems the only real equitable place we do not know or determine if the GURU is a women, if it is a women, she earns the same and more than the male, could the reason be that here gender is obscured? Shoo, makes you think, doesn’t it?

Temptation from the Garden of Eden. Till today the world upholds women as the ultimate temptress hence the ever present female torso largely in various states of undress in advertising. It is held that a half naked feminine torso if shaped according to the fads of the male world will attract attention, and it does. Some of the most obscure products use women in their advertising to get their product noticed. Women have a multiplicity of uses. Are men just as versatile?

For men, the danger of being swamped by women lurks around every corner, or is it a danger, is it not perhaps good fortune lurking? I can name a few women who were colossus in this world during the immediate past decades, like British Maggie or Jewish Golda. I am not very fond of the worlds idle parasites who ride the shu shu train of wealth like the Dutch Queen and the British Queen etc.
What could the poor of the world do with their wealth and income? Costs me money for no return.

Are men about to be relieved of all the responsibilities of this planet? Women are very capable of earning big money. If women as a species suddenly wake up and employ their full persuasive powers in every sense of the word, they will rule, the purse and the bedroom. Men in powerful positions demand sex, if women were there they would extract favours for sex, which is worse? Thing are looking bleak for the strongest sex, soon to be the weakest.

Unopposed i am sure, the women of the world are each in their own right and personal domain, minister of finance, food supplies and sexual pleasure.

Men, I ask, do we still have a roll to play? Women no longer need us, sex is also pleasurably achievable without a male around, in fact many women will claim greater erotic pleasure contributing this to mechanical bedroom equipment. Are we the stronger sex? May be physically, but mentally? We are lorded over by women in all the important facets of life, certainly the two deemed most important. Women rule supreme. I say thank heaven they do not seem to have cottoned on the this fact as yet. However, it is a fact of life. Sex and money are the women domains.

Now then, if this be so they must shoulder the blame for modern society’s promiscuity and money greed, for both of these society steal murder and plunder. Does it mean that men have been weaklings since Eve tempted Adam?

Are women running our lives or are women running out of control?

I’d like a few opinions, I sure as hell don’t know where I am on or off with this women issue. Do we respect the species who clearly hold the key to our survival? Do we stand by and let women rule the world? Come on, let me have some input, don’t let the world believe that only the author thinks like this.

I have left a facility for sharing your view at the foot of the page.

I look forward to a few answers, hopefully dispersed by some good humour. No antagonism please, women live on this planet also, not only on Venus. We are not looking to make war with women, I’d rather make love, yes with women.

Here are a few internet facts on women.

Keyword search on Women, Guess what was tops? Naked women 35000 hits a day

Keyword search on Men, Guess what was tops here? It was naked men, but significantly less in number at 12000 per day.

Next I typed in Women Money I got 178 daily searches on this

Then I typed in Men Money and got 15 daily searches. An interesting bit of information is the keyword phrase Women Wrestle Men for Money, 165000 pages, check it on Google.

So 3 the question remain unanswered

• Will this be a better world if the women rule?

• Are women who definitely rule money and sex responsible for the worlds promiscuity?

• Would the jails be only quarter as full if it was not women being in control of sex and money?

I would like to hear from those of you who have been to the proverbial womens haven Venus is better place than planet earth.

Hans Monsma

Women rule. Is Venus chaotic like planet earth?
Send your opinion to

A View of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, born on 17th February 1981, heiress to the Hilton empire, model and co-star of hit TV show “The Simple life”:

Sex Video? Check. Blonde hair? Check. Lots of money? Check. Welcome to route one to launching a celebrity career. Paris Hilton’s famous “one night in Paris” video seems to have done little to harm her career. Is this perhaps due to the artistic night vision camera work that seems to take its influence from “Silence of the Lambs”? Or perhaps its down to the fine acting?

It is easy to stereotype Paris Hilton as a rich blonde airhead with all the personality and charm of a Skoda. Whilst Paris certainly isn’t the next Mother Teresa nor is she the next Jenna Jameson. Apart from her video Paris is famous for appearing in TV series “The Simple Life.” The premise of this show is that two rich girls learn what it is like to live with “ordinary” people whilst having their credit cards and other luxuries taken away. To be fair to Paris she doesn’t show the obnoxious arrogance that you would expect from a rich girl. She does demonstrate a certain charm and humility. In doing so she gets her audience believing she is just an ordinary girl after all. The social faux pas she makes are generally more down to naivety than malice. Although she seems harmless you get the impression that the show is just a game to her and she is playing all the time. Would Paris go back and work on a farm if she weren’t being paid to be there? Probably not. Perhaps then this is social awareness born out of financial greed.

The problem is that Paris knows that no matter what happens her fortune won’t go away she can always fall back on it. Its like swimming in the sea when you’re little and you know your dad is just a few metres away ready to save you if you falter. That safety net is ever present and removes the risk out of a lot of what Paris does. She will let herself be subjected to working on a farm but knows ultimately that show will end and she will go back to her mansion. The worst thing that could happen would be that the show gets panned. An ordinary person who makes a mistake at work risks getting fired and that affects their livelihood and their existence.

People always noted that Princess Diana was always down to earth when you spoke to her and treated you like you were her equal rather than her subject. This always annoyed me. Why shouldn’t Diana treat you with respect? You ARE just like her. She’s just a person. When your existence is so financially cushioned and the only thing people expect is for you is to be to be humble and kind its not that hard. It is harder to be kind when you don’t have the cards stacked so heavily in your favour. Having these traits when you are rich and famous might make you appear extraordinary in the world of celebrity but it does not make you an extraordinary human being. Humility and kindness are a bare minimum for being a good person what ever your background rather than special trait to be demonstrated when you are rich.

There is something quite sickening if you think about it about shows like ‘The Simple Life’. There was once a J-Lo song called ‘Jenny from the block’. If you don’t know anything about J-LO you will know that she is famed for having a big entourage and making ridiculous demands when she “sings” live. Anyhow, in the song Jenny from she sings ” don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still I’m still jenny from the block, I used to have a little and now I have a lot, no matter where I go I know where I came from.” Now excuse me but a person whose diamonds probably cost the price of the average persons wage package singing about how humble she is whilst she’s lying on a on a yacht with Ben Affleck is slightly repugnant. Its like someone sipping champagne and eating caviar whilst talking about drought and famine in Africa. “I’m there for you African children don’t worry… mmm this caviar is lovely.”

Ok, people are famous, ok, they are rich but this kind of thing seems to be like flaunting your success in peoples faces and saying on the other hand I’m just like you accept me! That’s the problem with things like the simple life. It’s an illusion. Money made J- Lo sing about being a girl from a Bronx rather than her apparent “humble girl next door persona”. Money put Paris Hilton on that farm not some deeper love of working class people. Credit to Paris for standing on her two feet but in many ways she is just a symptom of celebrity culture. A victim of her own background. She could have just done nothing with her life and sat on her fortune. Instead she tried to make her own money .Ironic then that by showing she was like you and me, she just get richer, securing her financial affairs so she will never have to be seen mixing with any of our working class people again! Thanks. No really.

Jon C is an independent journalist for SEO tool and magazine

Election 2008 Media Coverage Is Quite Peculiar

For the last several months the presidential election coverage has been like a meal at a neighborhood restaurant – a main course of Barack Obama with a side order of Hillary Clinton and just a touch of John McCain for seasoning.

It seems that Obama’s face is plastered everywhere, Clinton’s message pops up a little less often and McCain’s presence has all but been forgotten.

When I speculate as to why the coverage is playing out as it is, I’d have to say McCain has been placed on the back burner a bit primarily because the Republican race is simply not “sexy” enough. McCain has the nomination wrapped up and visually represents what the presidency has looked like forever, not really exciting when it comes to selling papers and getting ratings.

On the other hand, the Obama/Clinton thing is practically orgasmic. Neither candidate is in clear control and being part African American and a woman respectively, both are something different to talk about.

The funny thing is, absolutely none of this has anything to do with qualifications.

Ultimately, the brutal battle of mud slinging between the two Democrats vying for their party’s nod could work on of two ways.

1. Either Barack of Hillary will get so much play in the media that they will have a sizable advantage over McCain going into the general election.

2. McCain will save his funding for when it counts, fly under the radar and make a strong move once all the dirt has been brought out on the winner of the Democratic nomination.

So, either this will bring more attention to the eventually victor between Obama and Clinton, or it will lead to a certain level of disgust with the Democratic candidate and a victory by McCain.

Of course, this all remains to be seen. And, at the very least, it should be interesting.

Jason Greiner

Sex and Politics

What went wrong, Eliot? The former governor from New York is the most recent contributor to a potent list of governors, mayors, members of Congress, and presidents, or at least our good friend Bill Clinton, who have complimented an ambitious political career with sex and scandal. Why? Why are our nation’s finest subsequently given to such rapacious habits?

Sex and power. Sex, the deep ceded desire to reproduce and endow the human race, and power, the natural drive for social ascension. Sex and power.

Perhaps your typical neo-Freudian would call it the id. Sex and power epitomize what is left after man is stripped of the conscious effort to keep himself and his guilty desires in check. Without a conscience, we are left with the basic human drives, or instincts, that we were born with. These drives are the subconscious motivation behind all of our actions.

Consider MacBeth. Shakespeare was a master of psychology and well aware of these subconscious drives. This is effectively portrayed in Act I, scene vii immediately before MacBeth murders Duncan.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the play, MacBeth is a Scottish general who is enticed by the prophecy of three witches, who tell MacBeth that he will one day become king. MacBeth acts on the prophecy and plots to kill Duncan, the standing king of Scotland.

MacBeth becomes unsure of himself and has second thoughts about murdering the king. Aware of this, Lady MacBeth begins questioning his masculinity:

“What best was’t, then,

That made you break this enterprise to me?

When you durst do it, then you were a man;

And to be more than what you were, you would

Be so much more the man.”

Confused? In essence, Lady MacBeth tapped those basic drives in MacBeth, questioning both his sexuality and desire for power. In doing so, she unleashed the beast in MacBeth, who went on to murder several others in his quest for power.

Consider also the famed BTK strangler Dennis Rader. Rader terrorized Kansas by binding his victims before performing sexual acts on them and eventually killing them. Perhaps most notable about Rader were his rabid sexual drives. Said of one victim in court: “I had some sexual fantasies. But that was after she was hung.” Rader also admitted to being sexually turned on by the act of murder.

How does this all tie in? Rader couldn’t have made his subconscious, instinctual drives more distinct from his conscious state of mind. He has said that during and after the murders took place, he felt “…possessed with demons.” Rader has made clear that he is a different person when he commits these acts, and “once this character takes over… it drives me.” Rader was possessed by his natural drive for sex and power.

Perhaps politicians are possessed by these same drives. Perhaps these drives are more apparent in men of authority. Regardless, it is undeniable that those who hold public office are more likely to be involved in such scandals. From Eliot Spitzer to Kwame Kilpatrick to Bill Clinton, it is not uncommon in politics. The real question is who’s next.

The Countdown – Political analysis and discussion

International Women’s Day

Mar 8 was International Women’s Day. Almost all the dailies sans language barriers carried headlines on the special day. Media channels were agog with interviews and status of women in the present day world. Women’s emancipation over the years was quite evident from the style and charisma that they carried along with them in their photographs on the dailies. Many a picture- where women donned in military uniform, commando fatigues, slender air hostesses accompanied by women pilots walking with élan, stand testimony to an evolving new class of women that is transforming the society.

When compared to the status of women a century ago, there is certainly a lot of improvement in their educational status, economic freedom and their general stature largely. In-spite-of the development there is also no gainsaying that the crime rates and harassments against the fair sex are also increasing concurrently. Workplace torture, sexual harassments and bullying in some form or other continues to take place. These problems need to be addressed jointly by the society and more teeth to be given to rules that govern women empowerment.

Even as the second autopsy has been done on the British teen Scarlette Eden Keeling, the 15-year-old British girl who was found dead last month in Goa, India; somewhere in the other corner of the world in Rome, an Italian court lets woman lie about adultery. These are but two instances of extreme freedom for women, which have cost the life of a young girl in the first case and a clean chit to women that may go the extra mile the luscious way.

Except for stray incidents, womanhood has established itself in a positive manner. It is heartening to see Indra Nooyi as the driving force behind Pepsi International and Sonia Gandhi, the Chief of the congress party being termed as one of the powerful women in the world. The first citizen of India Ms. Prathiba Patil is a woman and the growing list of Indian women in the Forbes fortune list speaks volumes for the achievements of women. Savithri Jindal, Indu Jain and Anu Aga have entered the Forbes’ listing for possessing assets several billions. Condoleezza Rice is a diplomat known in the International arena for her political diplomacy and widely respected for her participation in global events.

The 33% representation for women in the Indian governance appears to be a distant dream despite so many key accomplishments that women have made their fields. A lot of hype and furor of introducing the 33% reservation bill never fails to be in the debate, when it comes to wooing Indian women for votes. However, the fact is that the issue has remained a paper tiger and appears to be illusory. The race to the coveted president is getting hotter, what with Barack Obama and the former first lady Hillary Clinton overtaking each other in the primaries in their nomination from the democratic side. If only Hillary could make it to the top seat, well, she would be the first to adorn the media for the next International Women’s Day. It is also a poignant fact that Benazir Bhutto is not in this world this year, a woman who predicted her death, but who did not care for the mortal fear and laid down her life for her motherland.

About the Author

Murthy is a Freelance Writer from India and writes on different topics. He has several published works to his credit. His maiden work ‘One Indian’s View of Diet: How Food Habits Can Make or Break a Person’ was published in ‘The Positive Health’ published from Portsmouth U.K His travel articles ‘Legacy of City of Pearls’, ‘The Seat of Nawabi Culture’ and articles on social malice ‘Far from Maddening Crowd’, ‘Operation Crush’ were aired in the web portal hyderabadnews.

Murthy’s travel article Tranquebar – The Danish Connectioncan be viewed in webportal ‘worldpress’ in the Asia section.

He writes for interlinkcity and was selected as their Favorite Freelancer for the month of December 07. He is also a columnist for their column The Week Bygone

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Education Problems and the Internet

The internet can be a wonderful educational tool for our students, but it also presents a whole host of threats and problems that must be taken into consideration.

Today’s youngsters are quick to assimilate the skills needed to become proficient on the internet, but they lack the experience to always know when to be on guard against sexual predators, or others who would take advantage of their openess. Of course another problem with unsupervised access to the internet can result in students who don’t do assignments, or who don’t get enough sleep to function effectively in school.

But there is help and hope on the horizon.

MySpace, the largest social networking web site, has concluded an agreement with the Attorney Generals of every state but Texas, to take steps that may protect children and teens who frequent the site. In the wake of the widely-publicized news about a young teen’s suicide over abuse of the site, MySpace has agreed to tighten controls and to actively take steps to protect children from predators.

Back in October 2007, Facebook started the ball rolling when it completed a voluntary agreement with New York’s Attorney General to accept responsibility for protecting users. The MySpace agreement goes further and is more detailed than the Facebook agreement. Whereas Facebook promised to respond more speedily to complaints about sexual messages and to use stronger language to warn it’s users about potential hazards, the MySpace agreement does all of that and more.

MySpace has agreed to form a task force, with input from online sites and child protection groups, to develop ways to verify ages and identities of it’s users. The site will install safeguards to protect children from predators, including making every site of users under 18 “private”. While several protective measures are, or will be, put in place, nothing is foolproof. The challenge to make the internet safe for children must be ongoing and parents need to monitor their child’s use of the computer. There are no substitutes for caring and vigilant parental guidance.

Brennan Kingsland

Educate Consciousness

We must educate to alleviate the problem of prejudism in our society. Prejudism is a worldwide phenomenon which has come along way since slavery, yet still we have light years of change to make as human beings. Our minds are trained to judge; we are constantly critiquing the news broadcaster, or an outfit a model is wearing on T.V. We are so blind to prejudice that most of us walk around with our eyes closed, and our judge robes tied tight. Whether we meet a stranger, or just pass one on the street, there is always at least a flicker of judgment, either conscious or unconscious, influenced by each person’s inlaid prejudism.

It is this smoldering fire that lies beneath the eye level of everyday consciousness; as life progresses the fire grows and the human race burns on with stereotypes and hatred. Human self expression is all too often discouraged, while our right to freedom is being suppressed by society, how are we to keep our human dignity as individuals? What can be done to stop such ignorant behavior? Well, the first step towards change is acceptance, and awareness of the problem through education.

Sometimes acceptance of your own flaws is necessary before others can learn to accept them. Once everyone is aware of the flaws, it is somehow easier to cope with them and learn to change the behavior. Sadly, most of America (by choice or by accident) is still oblivious to the flaw in society we call prejudism.

It’s simple; just take a look at your thought process when you come across a homosexual, an African American, a drug-addict, a transsexual, a gang-member, a disabled veteran, an ex-convict, a pushy preacher, or a prejudice southerner. What is your reaction to them? Do you feel uneasy, are you afraid, disgusted, or do you feel no different then you did moments before you met them?

Do you think that is something these stereotyped people face everyday? Well, it is, and there is something we can all do to help. We can talk about racism and stereotyping within our families, our jobs, our communities, and teach proper ways to handle these difficult situations. We must educate consciousness to alleviate the problem of prejudism within our society.

Acceptance is powerful; it can change an entire community for the better. Our society encourages its citizens at a very young age to conform, and be more comfortable with themselves once they act like everyone else. Individuality is something to be proud of; it is not an expendable human asset. Loss of our individuality as a country will result in defamation of our Constitution.

In the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution congress enforces that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

America may accept all ages, races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientations, yet somehow we as a society manage to stifle the progress of our citizens as individuals, by restricting their social rights to be an individual in the first place. Conform; choose the “right” way to live, as expressed by the popular culture of our time. Or welcome consciousness; accept who you are, be proud of your own personal diversity, make it a part of you that you cannot live with out. That is the way to true freedom and respect for our individual human dignity.

Our society and popular culture encourages us to stick with the masses, and conform to society, yet all of our instincts tell us to rear against the norm, and become an individual. So where do our spirits lie? In the depths of our souls we now that each person carries a future and has a purpose for their lives, so why does society become “paranoid” or make a show of those of us who are different? Are we bored? Have we nothing better to do as a society but make a mockery of our underlying diversity? This is something we should all be proud of, not belittle and objectify amongst ourselves. Why not use all that energy to focus on educating consciousness throughout the masses. Bringing home the fact that we are all in this together for the greater good of our society, and it’s impending future!

Rae Serenity